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Can you get omega-7 in places besides food?

Macadamia nuts and anchovies are good sources – but are they the best way to get omega-7s in your diet? See where to get your omega-7s, besides food.  Read More — Read More

How to live longer… and better… with the incredible cancer-fighting power of intravenous vitamin C

"Significant advances rarely came from within orthodox medicine... most were made by mavericks.”1 This statement—spoken by a true pioneer in the use of intravenous vitamin C for people with cancer...Hugh Riordan MD—is as true today as when it was first uttered. And there’s no area of medicine that conventional medicine, and the pharmaceutical companies, have more of a stranglehold on accepted standards of medical therapy than the disease of cancer. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation...

Mediterranean diet can prevent diabetes

Fight disease with diet The Garden of Eden wasn't in Greece or Italy -- but I'm convinced that a healthy Mediterranean lifestyle rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains, lean meats and fish is as close to the Original Diet as

Doomed dementia test

A new blood test being pushed for dementia is so inaccurate that two-thirds of the people who test positive will never get the disease.

Diabetes boosts cancer death risk

Diabetes can increase your risk of cancer and boost your risk of dying from cancer by as much as 500 percent.