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Healthy blood sugar is closer than you think with Advanced Glucose Support, the natural solution to helping keep your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels healthy. Find out how it feels to enjoy life without worrying as much about your blood sugar.

  • Keep healthy blood sugar—easily and naturally...
  • Help lower your A1c numbers with 1500mg of berberine in every dose...
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Healthier blood sugar
in 90 days or less?

Leading US doctor reveals the shocking new discovery
that could finally make it possible...

In early April of 2008, a small study was published in the medical journal called Metabolism.

It should have been an international sensationThere should have been Nobel prizes and a triumphant press conference...

Because the study revealed a shockingly effective new way to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

But instead of alerting you to this powerful new discovery when it happened, vested interests quickly swept it under the rug.

Well today we’re breaking the silence, and I can promise you this...

Once you learn this
“Hushed-Up Blood Sugar Secret”
your health and energy can SOAR...

What if you had a “watchdog” in your bloodstream that watched your blood sugar like a hawk... and instantly sprang into action whenever your levels get towards the high side of normal?

What if, along with your healthy diet and exercise, you KNEW your blood sugar would stay right in the middle of the healthy range—and you could go on with your life and not have to worry about it so much?

That’s just a small taste of what’s in store for you.

This discovery is so exciting, you may never
worry about keeping healthy blood sugar again...

The research involved the extract of a plant called Indian Barberry. It’s one of those old “folk remedies” that’s been used for thousands of years...

And you know what? The scientists probably thought it was a bunch of hokum.

You know how dismissive and arrogant Ph.D.-types can be about natural herbs and supplements. They probably thought a double blind, placebo controlled trial would totally debunk this folk remedy...

But they quickly realized...

This extract has a Ph.D. of its own...
in the science of maintaining healthy blood sugar

When researchers gave this extract to people and monitored their blood sugar, something almost unbelievable happened.

Fasting blood glucose improvedin just 90 days.

That’s FAST.

But that was only the beginning of the good news. 

Because Indian Barberry extract, which I call the “glucose watchdog,” also improved A1C levels—which means it could help maintain healthy   blood sugar over the long term, too.

One natural compound that improves fasting glucose levels—AND helps keep your numbers steady over time...

Did you just get a second chance
at healthier blood sugar?

But even as researchers marveled over these results—the glucose watchdog STILL wasn’t finished delivering life-changing benefits...

After more tests, stunned scientists concluded...

The glucose watchdog ALSO supports healthy
cholesterol... triglycerides...
AND blood pressure!

Triglycerides sank like a stone... and the extract promoted healthy total cholesterol levels without lowering good cholesterol!

Just imagine how fun your next checkup will be... these are the kinds of results that make your doctor say, “Wow!... what exactly are you doing?”

He’d never admit it, but when he asks a question like that, he’s wondering if you know something he doesn’t!

Just ask Patrick Sorenson from Ontario, Canada—he tried a groundbreaking formula based around the “glucose watchdog.” Soon after, he wrote me to say:

“My blood sugar is healthier and has been staying there... I’m feeling so much better and my doctor told me to keep doing what I was doing!”

—Patrick S., Canada

Sounds pretty good, right? But impressing your doctor is not what this is really about.

This is about...

Giving you the peace of mind you can ONLY
get from consistently healthy blood sugar

And you’re going to learn everything you need to know in this presentation.

Because adding the glucose watchdog to your daily diet and exercise routine may truly be...

The single best thing you can do to help keep
your blood sugar in the “safe zone”...

Think about this—how different would your life be if you KNEW your blood sugar was staying right in line?

You could go out to a nice restaurant without worrying about what’s on the menu...

You could make it through the afternoon without feeling like you need a nap (or two)...

You could spend the day working in the yard—and still have energy left over to make dinner...

And best of all—you could...

Spend LESS time worrying about maintaining healthy blood sugar—
and MORE relaxing and enjoying life!

That’s what can happen when you “unleash” the glucose watchdog. I’ve never seen another natural substance that can do SO MUCH for your blood sugar and metabolism.

And as powerful as it is on its own, I’ve discovered a way to help make your numbers EVEN HEALTHIER...

I’ll explain how it works in a minute, but first you may be wondering who I am—and why the HECK you should listen to me...

My name is Dr. Allan Spreen. As a physician, author, and researcher, I’ve learned a lot about healthy blood sugar over the years. In fact, that’s one of the topics of a book I co-authored with a few of my colleagues...

So I’ll admit—I thought I knew pretty much all there was to know about blood sugar.

But when I discovered this hushed-up research, it was clear...

There is a colossal missing piece to the blood sugar debate.

Adding the glucose watchdog to your blood sugar routine could make a MASSIVE difference in your life in just 90 days.

But as I mentioned a second ago, there’s a way to get EVEN BETTER results...

It happens when you combine the glucose watchdog with a certain vitamin...

But rest assured, this is no ordinary vitamin. It acts more like a hormone in your body, and it’s the biological “master key” to healthier metabolism...

In fact, in my research I unearthed scores of research papers linking high levels of this vitamin to healthy metabolism and weight... 

I soon realized that combining this particular vitamin with the blood sugar watchdog could be...

The simple secret to
healthy blood sugar for LIFE...

For starters, scientists at The Mayo Clinic believe they have found receptors for this vitamin on beta cells in the pancreas. 

Those are the cells that make insulin. That alone should have been front page news—because if you don’t have enough of this particular vitamin, your body’s insulin production is probably not where it should be...

But that was just the beginning...

A trial at the Royal London School of Medicine tested men over age 70. The ones with low levels of this vitamin flunked their “glucose tolerance test”...

So if a carb-heavy meal ever makes you feel like a train wreck—this could be  part of the problem...

Then UC Davis Medical Center researchers discovered that Americans with the dreaded “metabolic syndrome” are MUCH more likely to have low levels of this vitamin...

“Metabolic syndrome” is a scientist’s way of describing a bulging waistline, blood sugar on the high end of normal, and blood pressure and cholesterol that don’t behave quite right... 

So if any of that sounds familiar, you’re getting a second chance right now...

Because studies have shown time and time again that most of us don’t get enough of this vitamin... and a huge percentage of us are downright deficient!

Which means this could be the “missing link” in YOUR blood sugar equation... The reason you’re not seeing the results you (and your doctor) are looking for...

Especially when you combine it with the sugar-squashing power of the glucose watchdog. So what is this “super vitamin?”

Believe it or not, it’s... VITAMIN D!

Now, I know what you’re thinking—“Dr. Spreen, I already take vitamin D! And it hasn’t done a THING for my blood sugar!”

Keep watching—because there’s only ONE form of vitamin D, called cholecalciferol, that’s even worth your time...

And when you combine it with the glucose watchdog—you’ll have the foundation for healthy blood sugar for the rest of your life...

I’ve been so impressed with the combination of vitamin D and Indian Barberry extract, I designed a complete blood sugar support formula around this dynamic duo.

It’s called Advanced Glucose Support, and I guarantee you’ve never tried anything like it before—because there’s never been anything like it before.

It’s the only formula that combines the glucose watchdog AND vitamin D  PLUS ALL the critical supporting nutrients you need to see a real difference.

The end result is something you may not have experienced in many years—the peace of mind that comes from KNOWING your blood sugar is staying healthy!

So let me quickly show you how this is possible.

Because as potent as the combination of the glucose watchdog and vitamin D could be—there are a few “foundation nutrients” that NO blood sugar formula would be complete without.

For starters, your metabolism will suffer if you’re low on a certain mineral, one I call...

The “Master Metabolism Mineral”

And one thing’s for sure—if you want to stop worrying about your blood sugar—and start worrying about how to lower your golf score... how to spoil your grandkids... how to make the perfect 4-cheese lasagna... or how to hook that monster largemouth...

You may want to take a closer look at magnesium...

Because this humble mineral acts as a “spark” for the metabolic processes that “burn up” glucose.

And when glucose is burned up, your blood sugar numbers stay right where you want them...

Consistently healthy numbers. That’s what Ted Collins from Frederick, MD noticed after trying Advanced Glucose Support. He said...

“Advanced Glucose Support has proven to be a cut above any other products I’ve tried. My blood sugar levels have remained more consistent than ever before.”

—Ted C., Maryland

And Ted’s not the only one—big-time researchers are onto this secret, too. In a recent small study, magnesium improved fasting glucose by over 6%. Which may not sound like much, but that was in people who already had “normal” magnesium levels!

So if it ever seems like your numbers are “stuck” on the high side of normal, a little extra magnesium could be just what you’ve been missing.

That’s why I included the ideal amount of magnesium citrate in Advanced Glucose Support.

But I didn’t stop there—not by a long shot. If you’re going to try a blood sugar formula, you want to be SURE it can  work, right?

You want to KNOW it has EVERYTHING your body wants for sky-high metabolism, limitless energy, and all the other great things that come with healthier blood sugar...

Well here’s something you’ll want to know—magnesium is just one half of a tag-team of blood sugar minerals. Without its “counterpart” you may not see the benefits you’re looking for—especially when it comes to your insulin sensitivity.

The other half of the duo that may help maintain proper insulin sensitivity is chromium. 

Chromium is like an “ear trumpet” for your cells—it helps them listen up for insulin’s commands.

So when insulin orders glucose OUT of your bloodstream and INTO your cells, everyone follows their orders...

And you feel great and full of energy, before AND after you eat!

And those glucose numbers? Healthier than ever.

That’s why I made sure to include a healthy dose of chromium.

So if you’re looking for a boost to overall metabolism—look no further than Advanced Glucose Support.

Just ask Matthew Michaels from Pittsburgh, PA. I got this message from him the other day, after he’d been taking Advanced Glucose Support for a couple months:

“I just had my quarterly doctor’s visit. My triglycerides are better and my blood sugar was within the normal range. I’ve even lost a few pounds!”*

—Matthew M., Pennsylvania

*Results may vary. Advanced Glucose Support is formulated to support healthy blood sugar and weight maintenance.

And Matt’s not the only one. I get messages nearly every day singing the praises of Advanced Glucose Support.

That’s why I’m so confident it can  change YOUR life, too! And I want to make it as easy as possible for you to try it out.

So in the next 60 seconds, you’re going to get access to the best deal we’ve ever offered on this life-changing formula.

Keep in mind, with just two small capsules of Advanced Glucose Support twice a day, you’re getting...

  • Indian Barberry—The “glucose watchdog” that helps keep your numbers perfectly in line...
  • Vitamin D—The missing link in your blood sugar equation...
  • The Metabolism Mineral, magnesium citrate—To light a fire under your glucose metabolism...
  • Two forms of Chromium—In a special ratio—to support optimal insulin sensitivity...

And I think you’ll be AMAZED what this combination will do for you. Just listen to a couple more of the messages from folks who’ve tried Advanced Glucose Support for themselves:

“I just had a physical exam and all of my results—blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol—significantly improved. And I feel great—thank you!”

—Stuart Martin, CT

“I was so sick of spending money on products that do not do what they are advertised to do. Advanced Glucose Support works!” 

—Doreen Parks, NC

There’s a simple reason people keep raving about Advanced Glucose Support. It is the ONLY blood sugar formula available anywhere that combines all 4 of the critical blood sugar nutrients in the precise forms and dosages I recommend.

And I’ll be honest, that wasn’t easy to accomplish. I’m a stickler for quality, and I refuse to settle for anything less than the best—for myself and for you.

That’s why I’m happy to serve as Chief Research Advisor at NorthStar Nutritionals. We’re known for producing some of the highest quality supplements on the market. We only use the purest, most potent, clinically researched ingredients—even if we have to cross an ocean to get them. 

And that’s not just a slogan. The Indian Barberry extract we chose for Advanced Glucose Support comes from plants that are “wildcrafted”—meaning they grow wild in nature, without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Then we take those plants and produce a standardized 40:1 extract so you know you’re getting the right amount of the beneficial compounds.

That’s the kind of quality you don’t often get in the supplement aisle at the supermarket.

But we don’t stop there.

Wherever they come from, ALL our ingredients are inspected for quality and purity in state-of-the-art facilities right here in the US.

And like all our finished formulas, Advanced Glucose Support is produced in small, quality-controlled batches. Then it’s promptly shipped directly to your door the moment you place your order.

So you can rest assured that every capsule of Advanced Glucose Support will be fresh, pure, and potent.

The reason we ONLY offer an ultra-high quality formula is simple:  so we can GUARANTEE your complete satisfaction.

In fact, our money-back guarantee beats anything you’ll find in the supplement industry—or any industry, for that matter. 

We call it the “Gold Standard Guarantee” and it’s pretty simple. If you’re not 100% THRILLED with Advanced Glucose Support, at any time, for ANY reason at all—simply return your bottle (even if it’s empty) and we’ll refund every penny of the purchase price.

If it doesn’t work for you, you don’t pay for it. Period. No time limit and none of that “pro rata” nonsense. Just send your current bottle back—even if it’s empty—and get back everything you paid for it.

I hope that sounds fair... because I want you to feel completely secure when you place your order

In fact, I’m going one step further.

When you request your supply of Advanced Glucose Support today, you can get FREE SHIPPING—for as long as you want.

Here’s how it works: When you checkout, you can choose a 3 or 6 month supply (and take advantage of a generous multi-bottle discount), or you can get started with a one-month supply. Either way, you’re eligible for a free membership in our Auto-Delivery Service.

That means that just as your first order is about to run out, our system will automatically alert us—we’ll charge the same credit card you use today with the same order—and we’ll rush your next shipment right when you need it.

By automating the reordering process like this, you don’t have to worry about remembering to re-order each month. Plus it lets us offer you the best possible price and FREE SHIPPING.

But don’t worry—there are no strings attached. You can cancel Auto-Delivery Service, pause it, or change your schedule—at any time, for any reason—or no reason at all!

Your supply of Advanced Glucose Support will come with a toll-free phone number. You can call that number any time to talk to a respectful, English-speaking customer service specialist. When you speak to them, you can rest assured of two things: they’re located right here in the U.S., and they’re under strict orders to be attentive to your needs.

So if you try Advanced Glucose Support and LOVE it—if your blood sugar numbers are healthy as ever, you have plenty of all-day energy, and you feel GREAT—simply do nothing, and you’ll keep getting it with free shipping.

But if you DON’T love it, for any reason, just send your bottle back and get a full refund.

Combine the convenience of Auto-Delivery Service with the security of a Gold Standard Guarantee, and you can feel confident placing your order for Advanced Glucose Support right now.

And keep in mind, if you choose a 3- or 6-month supply, you’re getting this exclusive formula at an extremely attractive price.

So please don’t hesitate. There’s nothing to think over, because your order is backed by a COMPLETE satisfaction guarantee.

If it doesn’t work exactly the way you expect, you won’t pay for it! Isn’t that how business ought to be done?

But please understand: because Advanced Glucose Support uses only the highest-quality ingredients, our supply is limited.

To guarantee a steady supply for our Auto-Delivery Service members, we may be forced to remove this offer soon.

That means if you close this page to go think it over, you may never have another chance to see what this formula could do for you...

So please don’t wait. Click the ”Add to Cart” button now.

Dr. Allan Spreen
NorthStar Nutritionals


If you are on insulin treatment or taking oral hypoglycemic agents, have a serious medical condition, or are pregnant or lactating, consult a health care professional before taking this or any such products.

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"I tried Advanced Glucose Support because I was looking to improve my overall heath and in particular my blood pressure, blood sugar, and my cholesterol numbers. I believe it works because my blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol numbers have improved since I have been using Advanced Glucose Support.  I feel great! I just had a physical exam that included lab testing and all of my results significantly improved.  Thank you!"

—Stuart Martin, New Haven, CT*


"I decided to try Advanced Glucose Support because of my cholesterol.  I did show it to my doctor and he said that it was a bunch of hype…but my cholesterol is improving and I’m very happy about it.  My blood pressure is also improving, as is my blood sugar.  Thanks!"

—Dotty Harrison, Cleveland, OH*


"I own a health food store and two of my customers started taking Advanced Glucose Support.  They are doing very well with the product.  Right now, I am recommending AGS as the first choice in supplements for supporting healthy blood sugar." 

—Kathy Marantz, Nashville, TN*


"I was impressed with the ingredients in Advanced Glucose Support.  My blood sugar numbers are better. It took about 2 weeks to start seeing and feeling results.  But once it kicked in, I can truthfully say it’s head and shoulders above all the other natural products I have tried.  I was so sick of spending money on products that do not do what they are advertised to do.  AGS works!"

—Doreen Parks, Durham, NC*


"This is the only metabolic solution that works… It helps me so very much, and I’m feeling much better when I am on it. I’ve tried many, many things and nothing has ever helped. Thanks for having such a great product!!! Keep up the good work…"

—Leanne Radke, Hershey, PA*


"I have been using Advanced Glucose Support for at least 6 months. I believe this has improved my cholesterol levels, I sleep  better and I have more energy. I was totally shocked at how quickly I saw results and have mentioned it to several friends. Thanks!!!"

—Monica Freeman, Elizabeth, NJ*


*Individual results may vary.