BenVia Gold Seed

BenVia Gold contains some of nature's most powerful antioxidants, giving you natural energy and helping you feel great every day. Turn any food into a "superfood" by adding one spoonful of BenVia Gold. Every dose gives you...

  • 13 times more magnesium than fresh broccoli...
  • 6 grams of fiber, helping keep you perfectly regular all the time…
  • Natural support for your heart with 2775mg of omega-3 fatty acids...
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These fresh-baked BROWNIES...

Brownies Header

...contain a secret superfood that leaves broccoli, blueberries, flaxseed, soy and salmon in the dust!

It's not the chocolate. Keep reading for great news on how to provide amazing support to your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol balance, energy, skin, joints, digestion and so much more...

A special report from Allan Spreen, MD.

Did our Creator make 

Stunned researchers now say "YES." In a gram to gram analysis, this amazing discovery packs awesome amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids, plus:

  • 5 times more calcium than whole milk...
  • 13 times more magnesium than broccoli...
  • 3 times more antioxidant power than fresh blueberries...
  • More fiber than flaxseed...
  • More protein than soy...

Imagine a food so perfect that just a tiny bit every morning could transform your entire day. You simply stir a bit into your cereal or yogurt, and presto...

  • Suddenly, you're surging with energy throughout the day, which means you’re sleeping better at night...
  • You've never been more regular, as occasional constipation, bloating, gas and cramps virtually disappear...
  • Weight-control becomes more manageable, as hunger pangs and cravings fade, and you feel amazingly satisfied...

Then, as the weeks go by, imagine...

  • Your heart, arteries, blood pressure and even your cholesterol balance are all beautifully supported...
  • Your joints feel youthful 
  • Friends say you're even looking younger and compliment you on your skin...

And what if I told you this miracle can transform all kinds of delicious foods? You can blend it into your breakfast shake, make mouthwatering dinners with it, bake cookies with it, and it makes everything more satisfying! Yes...


No, it's not chocolate. This "perfect food" blows chocolate (and every other contender) out of the water. Yet ironically, it's been sitting right under our noses for over 500 years -- and totally ignored until just recently.

It's a grain you've never heard of, yet the ancient Aztecs prized it more highly than gold. They fed it to their athletes, used it as medicine, even offered it to their gods...

Ancient Aztecs believed it gave them supernatural 

And maybe it did, in a manner of speaking.

Spanish conquistadores named it Salvia Hispanica L, promptly forgot about it -- and that was that for the next five centuries. Well, so far it's just a colorful Aztec legend, right? But everything suddenly changed just recently, when scientists finally took an interest in what we know today as the chia seed...

And when modern researchers ran tests,

Because these seeds tested off the charts! Packed with so many vital nutrients -- it was clear that they had uncovered a nutritional goldmine.

I call this super-grain BenVia Gold. And just for starters...

This super-grain turns out to be 
the "bread of heaven"


Comparing gram to gram, BenVia Gold has 18 times more 
Omega 3 fatty acids than fresh Atlantic salmon...

Let me be clear that I'm not knocking salmon. I love it! Salmon contains different kinds of Omega 3, including high amounts of DHA and EPA -- while BenVia Gold's Omega 3 content is mainly in the form of alpha linolenic acid. I believe it's best to have both forms of Omega 3...

But you can't bake salmon into 

And whoever heard of salmon cookies! The beauty of BenVia Gold is that you can sneak it into any meal, from your breakfast oatmeal, to lunchtime macaroni and cheese, to all kinds of delicious dinners and desserts. (More about this below, including a free recipe.)

Better still, BenVia Gold is richer in this special form of Omega 3 fatty acids than any other whole food I've ever evaluated. That's heavenly news for your heart!

After all, even the American Heart Association agrees that Omega 3 fatty acids can help...

  • Support healthy heart functions...
  • Maintain healthy triglyceride levels...
  • Keep your blood pressure right where it's supposed to be...
  • Support a healthy cardiovascular system...

And the news gets even better, because BenVia Gold's way more than a super-source of Omega 3. For example...

Your heart and arteries need 

And lots of us may not get enough in our diets. Broccoli's a fine source of magnesium, but do you eat it every day? Of course not! Happily, though, gram for gram...

BenVia Gold HAS 13 TIMES MORE 
magnesium than fresh broccoli

Intrigued? We're just getting warmed up. Let's move a few inches down from your heart and see what BenVia Gold does for your gut...

What's griping your gut? 

Eases occasional constipation, bloating, cramps, gas and more!

Whenever I told my patients, "Get more fiber," they used to protest, "But Dr. Spreen, fiber gives me the trots!" Does that ring a bell? You can't win!

You take fiber for your constipation, and wind up with diarrhea. It's a dangerous game...

But BenVia Gold has an uncanny power to ease both miseries at once. Plus, it could help to reduce occasional bloating, gas, cramps and even hunger pangs in the bargain. How? The reason is simple...

You see, BenVia Gold isn't just the richest whole-food source of fiber that I've ever examined. Each tiny granule is packed with two types of fiber, in ideal balance.

Colon-calmer #1. BenVia Gold's insoluble fiber gently "scrubs" debris and toxins from your colon walls, banishing buildup and blockage. . 

Colon-calmer #2. BenVia Gold's soluble fiber soaks up water, so stools don't get too loose. . 

Not too firm, not too loose! Best of all, when you've got both kinds of fiber working in perfect balance, your bowels move along like a perfectly scheduled train -- right on time. Reader after reader writes, "I can't remember when I was this regular." Now it's true that other foods may also contain both kinds of fiber. But...

BenVia Gold works 3 ways better

1. BenVia Gold quickly absorbs up to 12 times its weight in water. That's phenomenal. More than twice as much as flaxseed. This is a key reason why BenVia Gold is so incredibly soothing. Just like a wet sponge glides across a counter, BenVia Gold helps your food glide calmly and cleanly through your digestive tract.

2. Over 40% of BenVia Gold is fiber, considerably higher than wheat bran or flaxseed. You'd need to eat 4 1/2 cups of bran cereal to get the fiber in just a few ounces of BenVia Gold.

3. BenVia Gold doesn't taste like sawdust! Its flavor is neutral, so it just "disappears" when you stir it into your favorite breakfast food or shake.

Plus, of course, those other foods won't give you BenVia Gold's incredible energy boost...

"Keeps me regular! I just started using BenVia Gold a few weeks ago, but my regularity is a non-issue now. Just think—before using BenVia Gold, my routine was to drink some prune juice every morning!" 

-Andrew Ellerman, Peoria, IL

"Loose stools stopped! My husband had occasional digestive problems for years, resulting in loose bowels. Since taking BenVia Gold, his bowel movements are back to normal. He feels like he’s 20 again!"

-Elizabeth Ehrman, New Brunswick, NJ


"Bloating banished! BenVia Gold is the best product for establishing regularity. If you want regular bowel movements, this is the product for you! " 

-Dan Saunders, White Plains, NY

"It's been a Godsend for 

-Eli S. from Big Sur, CA

No more fatigue or jitters! BenVia Gold powers you up as smoothly as a Rolls Royce engine...

Ancient Aztecs called it their "running food." Legend has it that just a spoonful of Salvia Hispanica L. was enough to power an Aztec runner through a grueling, 24-hour forced march...

And my desk is stacked with letters attesting 

BenVia Gold is a food of the Gods. I am 76 years old, and can do almost anything I want.

-Edward Gallant, Allentown, PA 

"I am doing things that even younger men have problems doing. I feel better and have plenty of energy. BenVia Gold is better than anything else I’ve tried."

-Larry Forbush, Potomac, MD 

"I never expected to feel this good once I reached 50. I have energy levels I haven’t had in years, and my joints have been feeling great—I never expected that!"

-Jeremy King, from Sedona, AZ

And this is jitter-free energy. Not the kind you get from caffeine-drenched drinks that leave you to crash and burn.

And no "caffeine crash"

As a doctor, I'm outraged that so many so-called energy drinks and foods are just "caffeine in a costume." They give you the jitters, then keep you awake all night -- and you wind up more exhausted than ever.

But BenVia Gold energizes you honestly, by restocking your nutrition banks, and helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. You'll have the stamina of the energizer bunny, then drop off to sleep, relaxed!

HOW CAN THIS BE? I believe it's because BenVia Gold is such a complete superfood. It provides at least three "energizers" that your tired-out body has been missing:

ENERGIZER #1. Over 30 different nutrients in their whole food form. Every tiny grain of BenVia Gold is like a "neutron star" of nutrients that your body desperately needs. And any doctor will tell you that it's always best to get your nutrients in the form of food.

ENERGIZER #2. Super-rich fiber. All the fiber in BenVia Gold slows down your digestion, giving your nutrients an even better chance of getting absorbed. It also helps even out your absorption of carbohydrates, so your cells get a slow, smooth supply of fuel.

Yet even though it pumps you up so powerfully, BenVia Gold actually helps make you less hungry...

ENERGIZER #3 Muscle up! With nature's PERFECT PROTEIN FOOD. Vegetarian or not, your muscles need plenty of protein to stay strong and toned. BenVia Gold is not only richer in protein than soy -- its protein is more complete. Unlike soy, BenVia Gold's protein contains all the essential amino acids that your body needs to build muscle. And it's not processed with chemicals, as so many soy products are. That's why I call BenVia Gold the perfect protein source. You get all the protein benefit of eating red meat, without the risk.

World's healthiest way to 

Just a smidgen of BenVia Gold with 
any meal helps make slimming down a snap!


“It’s the best—nothing else comes close. We’ve been feeling incredible, and put BenVia Gold in everything. We eat less, sleep better, and do more. This is incredible!” – Jim Gray, Portland, OR

“Far better than anything else I’ve tried. I have more energy, more regular bowel movements, and I am sleeping better. – Mildred White, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ask your doctor. Nobody needs dangerous weight loss aids, but everybody needs plenty of soluble fiber with meals. Why? Because soluble fiber expands in your stomach and intestine, making you feel comfortably full for hours.

And BenVia Gold is the superstar of soluble fiber foods! It absorbs up to 12 times its volume in water, making even small-portion meals feel like a feast.

Readers agree that it really works! For example, Bob Hilgartner writes that, when he simply adds a bit of BenVia Gold to his morning cereal, "I enjoy the additional energy that helps me get more done. I love being able to incorporate all these important nutrients into the food I’m already eating.” You'll be amazed at how satisfied you feel, and you'll get an extra bonus...

Say "so long" to maddening 

Your hunger is never completely satisfied until your "nutrient banks" are full. And, as BenVia Gold travels through your stomach and intestines, it gradually delivers a rich payload of over 30 different nutrients -- all night long.

Plus, it's so quick and easy to add BenVia Gold's goodness to nearly any dish or meal...

The safe, natural way to maintain healthy 

Yes, BenVia Gold excels at this too. That's because high-fiber foods also slow your digestion. And when that happens, your intestines are slower to absorb carbohydrates. As a result, simply adding BenVia Gold to your favorite dishes can help lower the "glycemic load" of the entire meal. That's super news for loved ones who are looking for extra support! 

And it's so low in calories. Fifteen grams of BenVia Gold contain just 50 calories and ZERO sugars.


BenVia Gold has all the nutritional vitamins I needed.

“My blood pressure is normal, and my blood sugar and cholesterol readings are good. I feel just great!”

-Jim Murray, Topeka, KS

Shock your doctor!

“I feel much better than everyone my age. Now, even my doctors want to know my secret of good health.”

-Mitch Frank, Des Moines IA

Great for cholesterol, too!

“I was totally shocked when I received my blood work results this week. It was as good as I could have hoped for!”

-Linda Nesser, Charlotte, NC

So easy and fun to cook with, 

BenVia Gold turns all kinds of "guilty pleasures" into stealth superfoods -- 
even these mouthwatering brownies!

If you hate to cook, you'll love BenVia Gold. Just stir crushed BenVia Gold into your favorite hot or cold cereal, and you're done. Or you can whip it up with your morning shake, add it to fruit-flavored yogurt, or sprinkle it onto salads. No cooking skills of any kind are required...

But if you love to cook, 
YOU'LL ADORE BenVia Gold...

Because it's the world's most versatile superfood by a country mile. You can bake it into breads, brownies, cookies and other desserts...mix it into burgers, casseroles, stir fries or other main courses...sneak it into dozens of your favorite dishes and make them all suddenly healthier.

  • It's the perfect fat replacement in recipes. BenVia Gold makes foods more moist and delicious, because it absorbs up to 12 times its weight in water. Plus, of course, BenVia Gold can replace the less-healthy fats in your recipes with heart-healthy Omega 3 fatty acids. 
  • An ideal thickener for soups, stocks and gravies, because it absorbs so much water. 
  • Awesome addition to vegetarian dishes, because it's so rich in protein. And remember, this is complete protein, with many of the essential amino acids you need. 
  • No gritty texture. When you crush BenVia Gold in a blender or coffee grinder, it virtually disappears into the recipe. 
  • No woody aftertaste. Unlike flaxseed, BenVia Gold has a neutral flavor, so it can be seamlessly added to recipes.

And I'm going to prove it by sending you a 

It's yours FREE TO KEEP with your guaranteed order of a six-month supply. Get ready to swoon for the soul-satisfying pleasures of BenVia Gold Streusel Banana Nut Bread...Crunchy BenVia Gold Berry Crumb Tart...BenVia Gold Chicken Parmesan...BenVia Gold Lasagna with Meat Sauce...and more! Then prepare to grin again when you look in the mirror and see...

BenVia Gold Fudge Nut Brownies

BenVia Gold makes yummy treats like these taste even more moist and decadent. Set out a plateful and poof -- they'll be gone!


1 lb semi-sweet chocolate morsels 
3/4 cup all purpose flour 
1 cup butter 
4 medium eggs 
1 cup hazelnuts 
5 T. BenVia Gold (crushed in coffee grinder or blender) 
¼ tsp salt 
1 cup sugar 
2 tsp vanilla extract


In a heavy saucepan, melt chocolate chips and butter. Add sugar, BenVia Gold and salt, and stir until dissolved. Cool for 10 minutes. Stir in beaten eggs, vanilla extract, flour and nuts.

Pour into a greased, 15 x 10 x 1 baking pan. Bake at 350° for 25-30 minutes, or until a tooth pick inserted near the corners comes out with moist crumbs. Let sit to cool. Makes 2 ½ dozen brownies.

“I run circles around people 10-20 years younger than me!"

-Chris O. from Fremont, CA

From your skin, to your joints and more -- 
you'll see and feel the BenVia Gold difference!

Heath is just one of many older readers who tell me they look and feel transformed, thanks to BenVia Gold. And researchers say this makes great sense, because...

Each tiny BenVia Gold granule delivers 

#1. Fights free-radicals. Aging is believed to be caused by free radical damage to cells. But, antioxidants neutralize free radicals that cause this damage. And, ounce for ounce, BenVia Gold contains over 3 times more antioxidant capacity than fresh blueberries.

#2. Flushes out age-accelerating toxins. Toxins that accumulate in your colon can also attack your body. But BenVia Gold's super-rich payload of fiber helps move those toxins out of your system, pronto.

#3. Helps build healthy new cells. Your cell walls crave Omega 3 fatty acids -- and if they don't get them, they'll use unhealthy fats as a substitute. BenVia Gold hands your cells the Omega 3 building-blocks they need.

Are you starting to see how many healthy tricks BenVia Gold has up its sleeve? It's the one super food that blows away all the others. When you look at the nutritional score sheet, it's not even close...


Two weeks after starting BenVia Gold, look in the mirror and see what it's doing for you! So many readers agree...

BenVia Gold has helped me maintain healthy skin! 
”I have been getting compliments on how I look… people ask if I’ve been to a spa because I look younger." -Dick Saltzman from Winston-Salem, NC


Looking great! 
“This is the best I’ve felt in a long time. I’m 70 years old, but people say I look like I’m 50!" -Robert Chris, Minneapolis, MN

BenVia Gold makes flaxseed and soy

Just look at how easily it 
blows away other superfoods!

Now let's examine how BenVia Gold stacks up against other widely-praised health foods. It's not even close. As you'll see, BenVia Gold is so nutritionally dense, it's almost like...


Of course, I'm not saying "stop eating." BenVia Gold is meant to supplement your diet, and it works best when you add it to favorite foods or beverages. But I am saying that just a bit goes an incredibly long way.

Because, unlike fruit, vegetables or fish, which are mostly air and water -- each tiny grain of BenVia Gold is densely packed with literally trillions of miracle molecules. For example, just a few ounces of BenVia Gold provides...

  • 17 grams of Omega 3 fatty acids. You'd need nearly 1 1/2 pounds of salmon to get that much Omega 3. (Keep eating your salmon! It provides a different, important form of these fatty acids -- but I know you won't eat it every day, so get your BenVia Gold too!)
  • 18 grams of complete vegetable protein. You could eat a whole bag of soy and still not get that much complete protein -- because BenVia Gold provides all the essential amino acids that human tissues need.
  • 6 grams of fiber. You'd have to consume 4 ½ cups of bran cereal to get that much fiber.
  • 492 mg of calcium. You'd have to drink almost 2 cups of whole milk to get that much. And, unlike milk, BenVia Gold contains no lactose.
  • 306 mg of magnesium. You'd need to eat 9 stalks of broccoli (about 3 pounds) to get that much magnesium.
  • Plus over 24 other nutrients, vitamins and minerals, including potassium (696 mg), Zinc (3.68 mg) and so much more...

Even the world's best supplements 

Because only BenVia Gold delivers all these goodies in whole food form. So they're better absorbed, and each nutrient works with the others like a team.

Why flaxseed users are 

Not only does BenVia Gold deliver far more fiber and Omega 3 fatty acid content. BenVia Gold doesn't have the gritty texture and strong flavor of flaxseed. Readers say it's got everything they like about flaxseed, with none of the drawbacks.

  • ”Compared to flaxseed, it’s more versatile, easier to use, and tastes better.”

– Bettie Earnshaw, Billings, MT

LOVE BenVia Gold...

And so will yours, GUARANTEED!

That's right, NorthStar Nutritionals guarantees your doctor will love what BenVia Gold is doing for you -- or you'll get a prompt, no-questions-asked, 100% refund (less shipping). Why so confident? Because...

Our growers adhere to a set of strict guidelines that insure that the highest standards of quality are kept during every stage and process. They obtain multiple certifications to guarantee product traceability, constant quality level and a superior level of purity to match the needs of our customers.

So, it's no wonder that some of my most influential colleagues are calling BenVia Gold...

"I almost never go a day without this secret superfood!" 
- Dr. Mark Stengler

In fact, so many doctors are praising BenVia Gold to the skies that we confidently guarantee yours will too -- or you can ask for your money back. See below for full details of our Gold Standard Guarantee, then be sure to...

while supplies last!

Grab 6 bottles, get FREE shipping, 
and save over $66 off the regular price!

Ready to see what BenVia Gold can do for you? Please, don't delay even a single day, because...

In all my years with NorthStar Nutritionals, I've never seen demand so high for anything! And frankly, BenVia Gold has been in very short supply lately. You see...

BenVia Gold is grown ONLY under 
perfect conditions...

Although BenVia Gold was originally harvested by the mighty Aztecs in modern day Mexico, today the golden crop thrives further south in Bolivia. You see, Bolivia has the ideal climate and a pristine environment for BenVia Gold to grow in all year long. BenVia Gold is grown under controlled conditions in some of the most nutrient-rich soil in the world. Because the soil's natural nutrient stores have never been depleted, BenVia Gold is packed with more naturally occurring beneficial vitamins and minerals than many fruits, vegetables and dairy products farmed elsewhere. BenVia Gold is 100% natural. The growers also take great care in harvesting under strict guidelines to maximize the total nutritional benefit which means crops are harvested only a few times a year. All while worldwide demand continues to skyrocket! Happily, though, NorthStar Nutritionals has been designated BenVia Gold's premier U.S. supplier.

Let me urge you to take full advantage of our RISK-FREE Gold Standard Guarantee and stock up on a 6-bottle supply. Do it now while you still can. You'll save over $66, you'll get FREE SHIPPING, and you won't risk even a penny of the purchase price, thanks to...

Exclusively from NorthStar Nutritionals

1. We guarantee YOUR SATISFACTION! Within the first 7 days, you will feel a big surge in energy, stamina and strength. Then, week after week, you'll feel and look even better, plus...

2. We guarantee YOUR DOCTOR will also love what you're doing to enrich your health, and...

3. If you're not BOTH blown away by your health at any time, simply ask for your money back.

And this guarantee applies to your entire 6-bottle order. So please, stock up now and take that huge $66 discount without a worry -- you won't risk a cent! Plus, if you order now, you can also receive our BenVia Gold RECIPE COLLECTION of spouse-thrilling, quick-to-fix treats, for FREE...

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Exclusively from NorthStar Nutritionals

BenVia's not just for stirring into cereal. It's the "stealth health ingredient" that can turn so many of your favorite treats super-delicious! It "plumps up" fudgy brownies and baked goods, making them extra moist and delectable. It's magnificent in meatloaf, beautiful in barbecue, and wow, what it does for chicken! Let us prove it and get you started with this brand-new collection of 5-star recipes...

*Best Recipes of the Year*

It's yours FREE TO KEEP with your 6-bottle order. And just wait 'til you sink your fork into blissful BenVia Gold Streusel Banana Nut Bread...Crunchy BenVia Gold Berry Crumb Tart...BenVia Gold Chicken Parmesan...BenVia Gold Lasagna with Meat Sauce...BenVia Gold Peanut Butter Cookies...BenVia Gold Mighty Mac and Cheese...and more!

You don't have to tell your spouse or kids these crowd-pleasing meals are healthy. Just take a bow and bask in the compliments! Plus, you can stock your pantry without fear of BenVia Gold spoiling. Because, in its whole seed form...

with no need for artificial preservatives

And even after you grind it, it stays fresh in the fridge for up to 3 months. So don't hesitate to stock up on as much BenVia Gold as you like, take advantage of our $66 savings special.

BenVia Gold will supercharge your life, 

If you and your doctor aren't stunned by the difference BenVia Gold makes in your health and energy levels, just give us a call anytime and you'll get a prompt courteous refund of 100% of your purchase (minus shipping). Yes, even if you ordered the 6-bottle supply! Fair enough? So...

HURRY and order today...

Now, while supplies last! Get in on the superfood of the century, and start feeling how sensational your life can be!

Yours for stellar health,

Allan Spreen, MD 
Chief Research Advisor 
NorthStar Nutritionals

P.S. Don't delay a minute! Supplies are tight and smart folks are stocking up. You'll get this brand-new FREE RECIPE COLLECTION with your initial 6-bottle supply, and save up to $66 when you lock in with today's low price and get FREE SHIPPING. But be sure to reply quickly!

Remember to read all labels, check all ingredients and follow all directions before using any products.

You should always consult with your physician before using this or any such products.


Protect from heat, light, and moisture. Store in a cool, dry place.

Do not use if seal is broken.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

"I am very satisfied with BenVia Gold. My husband has blood pressure and cholesterol concerns and has been using this product. He feels much better and has more energy."

—Joanne Christopher, Kansas City, MO*


"BenVia Gold gives me more energy. It helps control my hunger and I do not seem to crave sweets."

—Nieve Schlenger, White Plains, NY*


"Compared to flaxseed, I would say it’s more versatile, easier to use and tastes better."

—Bettie Earnshaw, Billings, MT*


"I am 56 years old and run circles around people 10-20 years younger than me."

—Chris O’Bannon, Fremont, CA*


"I’m 81, but feel like I’m 20 thanks to BenVia Gold."

—Allan Aumiller, Fort Smith, AR*


"I have been getting compliments on how I look… people ask if I’ve been to a spa because I look younger."

—Dick Saltzman, Winston-Salem, NC*


"I suffered with constipation and, since taking BenVia Gold, I am regular."

—Robert Hackett, Middlesex, London*


*Individual results may vary.