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  1. Alzheimer’s disease STOPPED if you fix this one symptom

    How to STOP dementia NOW (Even if it’s already started)

    They’ll tell you there’s NOTHING you can do.

    There’s no cure for dementia, and not even a treatment that will do much to slow it down.

    But once again, “THEY” are wrong!

    Because new research has revealed a key cause of dementia that has received VERY little attention.

    Until now.

    More importantly, this cause of dementia most certainly has a cure.

    Let me explain…

    Most doctors will tell you that dementia and Alzheimer’s start with all the plaques and tangles building up in your brain, cutting off communications between neurons.

    That’s certainly a big part of it.

    But those plaques may not be the main cause, but rather a symptom.

    The new study shows what happens FIRST, and it’s essentially a flaw in one of the most important defensive systems in your body.

    It’s called the blood-brain barrier, and it’s the system that allows your brain to soak up the good stuff in your blood – like minerals, fatty acids and oxygen – while blocking out any junk that might be rushing through, such as metals and other brain-busting toxins.

    But the new study finds you can quietly spring a leak.

    The barrier opens up just enough to allow amyloid proteins into the brain – and once inside, they form those plaques your doctor has warned you about… the ones that lead to senior moments, cognitive decline and – eventually – dementia.

    Plug the leak, and you can block the protein. BLOCK the protein, and you can stop the plaques.

    That means you can prevent dementia before it starts.

    More importantly, it means you could be able to STOP the progression of the disease even if it’s already setting in.

    And you can RESTORE your memory and cognition if you’re already starting to suffer from the frightening lapses that mark the disease.

    There are several natural compounds that are known to protect the brain in general and more specifically strengthen the blood-brain barrier. Curcumin, for example, has been shown in studies on rats to increase the “tight junction proteins” that form the most important part of the blood-brain barrier.

    That’s rats, not people, but get this: Curcumin has also been shown to protect the brain in HUMAN studies, enhancing memory and cognition, fighting off dementia damage and cutting the risk of Alzheimer’s.

    Based on the latest research, it sounds like that’s not a coincidence.

  2. This breakthrough diet is cancer’s WORST enemy

    This breakthrough diet is cancer’s WORST enemy

    It’s the cancer-fighting secret that EVERYONE will be talking about in the near future.

    But today, I’m going to put you ahead of the curve.

    I’ve got tomorrow’s news today — because I’ve got the scoop on the groundbreaking research behind a proven technique that attacks the hidden cause of many cancers.

    This simple, easy-to-follow program will FIGHT the tumor at its root and CRUSH it.

    This cutting-edge cancer cure isn’t a drug with side effects.

    It’s not even a vitamin or supplement.

    The secret is a natural diet designed to specifically SEEK and DESTORY the pathogenic fungal infections we now know are often the cause of so many cancers.

    It’s called the Kaufmann diet, and it was developed by researcher and mycotoxin expert Doug Kaufmann. It’s specially designed to starve these infections so that the cancer cells die off — and it’s proven to work if you HAVE cancer, if you’re at RISK for cancer, or if you’re just concerned and want to make sure that you NEVER get this disease.

    Kaufmann’s diet came about after he discovered striking similarities between cancer and fungi, including how they both thrive on sugars.

    More importantly, they both DIE without those same sugars.

    Of course, sugar isn’t just the white stuff in a porcelain bowl in your cupboard.

    In addition to that sugar itself, carbs such as grains — including whole grains — are converted into sugars inside your body.

    As a result, the first phase of the Kaufmann diet severely restricts sugars and carbs.

    Alcohol is also forbidden. Not only is booze a top cause of the disease, but the sugars in alcohol can help feed the fungal infections at the root of these cancers.

    You also need to avoid yeast, which will be less of a problem without bread and beer (but watch ingredients carefully — you’d be surprised how often they sneak it in), as well as fungi and mushrooms (for obvious reasons) and peanuts, which can contain fungal mycotoxins.

    Patients are also given anti-fungal medications and/or supplements in this phase.

    Without the sugars, the fungi behind many cancers in the body choke and die, killing tumors at the same time.

    And that’s not all.

    This phase also works in three other ways:

    1. It boosts your immune system so that your body is better equipped to fight cancer.
    2. It slashes your levels of the damaging inflammation that helps tumors to thrive.
    3. It protects your DNA from the damage of the fungal infection.

    Once this phase is complete — and you’re feeling better than you have in years — dieters can slowly restore low levels of healthy carbohydrates.

    For more on this powerful cancer-fighting regimen, visit Doug Kaufmann’s website, knowthecause.com.

  3. [Warning] These foods can give you the WORST infection of your life

    These foods can give you the WORST infection of your life If people knew what all the funny words listed on ingredients panels really meant, they’d NEVER touch processed food. Polydimethylsiloxane, used in chicken nuggets, is a silicon polymer also used in silly putty and breast implants. EWW! That’s why I have a simple rule: If I don’t recognize...
  4. This gut problem is sending your cancer risk through the ROOF!

    This gut problem is sending your cancer risk through the ROOF! Every year, nearly 65,000 Americans develop head and neck cancers, and more than 13,000 die of them. The older you get, the greater your risk. Or so we thought. Now, the latest research adds a whole new risk factor to the formula, one that can boost your odds at...
  5. Could this DELICIOUS treat stop today’s WORST killers?

    Could this DELICIOUS treat stop today’s WORST killers?  Take two yogurts and call me in the morning? I know that it sounds crazy, but it’s true: Just two servings of yogurt can make a MAJOR difference when it comes to your health. And you don’t even have to eat it every day to get the benefits! New research shows how...
  6. [Alert] Popular meds boost stroke risk 59%

    Popular meds boost stroke risk 59% It’s the SECRET stroke risk factor — hiding in plain sight! We all know the risk factors for a stroke. At least, we THINK we know them. There’s high blood pressure, poor diet, obesity, and old age. But the new study exposes what may be the biggest risk factor of all, potentially more...
  7. This ancient treatment SOOTHES away cancer pain

    This ancient treatment SOOTHES away cancer pain It’s not how you pictured it. When you first get hit with a cancer diagnosis, you imagine that beating the disease would be cause for celebration. And certainly, you should celebrate a victory over this deadly disease. The problem is that you’re often in no mood for a party. Treatment can leave you...
  8. Is THIS secret condition leaving you EXHAUSTED?

    Is THIS secret condition leaving you EXHAUSTED? Doctors CAN’T explain it. And some of them WON’T acknowledge it. Yours may even try to tell you that chronic fatigue syndrome isn’t real. It’s enough to make you want to smack him… if only you had the energy! But while he’s pretending that CFS is a made-up disorder, new research reveals a...
  9. Can you SKIP that prostate biopsy? (You might be surprised…)

    Can you SKIP that prostate biopsy? (You might be surprised…) It’s not just one of the most uncomfortable tests a guy can get. It’s also dangerous… and often completely unnecessary. Now, the latest research finds that many men may be able to completely avoid the dreaded prostate biopsy. No stress. No needle. No risk. And most importantly, NO CANCER! An...
  10. ERASE hidden sleep problems with this powerful herb

    ERASE hidden sleep problems with this powerful herb Right now, millions of Americans are suffering from a “hidden” sleep problem. It’s a disorder that disguises itself so well that many folks never even think they have a sleep problem at all. They don’t toss and turn. They don’t wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to fall...
  11. Diabetes undiagnosed in 10 million Americans

    CURE this disease BEFORE you even know you have it! Could you have diabetes... RIGHT NOW... and not even know it? I realize that sounds absolutely bonkers. Diabetes isn't some minor illness or infection. You can't ignore it, and it won't go away. It's a life-ruining and too often life-ending disease that requires constant medical attention: drugs, blood sugar checks...
  12. Plastics free of BPA are more dangerous than claimed

    Your ‘BPA-free’ plastics have hidden toxins It was the biggest boom in the plastics industry in ages. After a series of reports about the very real hormone-disrupting dangers of bisphenol-A (BPA), everyone dashed out to Target and Walmart to replace their plastic containers, dishes, and bottles with new (and more expensive) BPA-free alternatives. Not me. I took a different approach...
  13. Chronic pain strikes 50 million Americans

    END chronic pain… WITHOUT drugs! It’s the national epidemic that gets almost NO attention. It’s THREE TIMES more common than heart disease and nearly TWICE as common as diabetes. Yet mainstream doctors still DON’T understand it… DON’T know how to treat it… and often make it WORSE! Well, friend, if you’re struggling with chronic pain, I’ll give you what your...
  14. Stroke risk plunges on the Mediterranean diet

    Avoid the single leading cause of disability in America’s seniors It’s a single moment in which you can lose everything that makes you who you are. And it’s one of the leading causes of disability in America’s seniors, leaving some people struggling with everyday tasks. After having a stroke, some even lose their freedom because they’re unable to walk, talk...
  15. Alzheimer’s disease to double… but you can STOP it

    The SECRET dementia cause… and how to CURE it! Some trends are just great. Avocado on everything? Sign me up! But most range from dumb to downright dangerous. I know you’re not about to play around with fidget spinners, and the only place you’ll stick a Tide Pod is in the laundry. But there’s one trend you could be enlisted...
  16. Rheumatoid arthritis drugs fail, but you can still get relief

    What your doc WON’T tell you about rheumatoid How’s this for madness? New research proves that powerful drugs with sickening side effects DON’T work very well for rheumatoid arthritis patients. And to the 1.3 million Americans suffering with this agonizing disease, the mainstream says… KEEP TAKING THEM! But there’s a simple reason these meds don’t – and CAN’T– work, and...
  17. Cholesterol drugs DON’T extend lives

    REVEALED! Mainstream admits the TRUTH about cholesterol You might notice a change next time you’re at the doctor’s office. Your own doctor… even if he’s a mainstream physician… might start to sound a little more like me! Finally, my time-tested wisdom on cholesterol – based on decades of science, not drug-company marketing propaganda – is starting to take hold in...
  18. Ease cravings with chromium

    Why diets FAIL… and how YOU can succeed! It’s the single biggest reason so many people struggle with their weight… and the single biggest reason so many diets fail. Food cravings aren’t simply an inconvenience. They can crack your willpower and undermine every attempt at dropping even just a few pounds. I’ll give you my own surefire, science-backed, crave-fighting super-secret...
  19. Diet drugs rejected by mainstream authorities

    Big Pharma gets some BAD news… and it’s GOOD for you! It’s a SLAP in the FACE of the drug industry… and you’re not going to believe who delivered this incredible smackdown. The most mainstream health organization of all! The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force just REFUSED to back the industry’s “latest and greatest” meds. It’s REJECTED the diet drugs...
  20. Colon cancer risk plunges with fish-forward diet

    PREVENT colon cancer with the catch of the day I wish I knew who was doing public relations for the vegetarians. Because those guys can spin absolutely ANYTHING into a win for that highly restrictive lifestyle. The latest is no exception. Big headlines claim that giving up all meat – including fish and poultry – can dramatically lower your risk...