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  1. Is HDL cholesterol secretly BAD for you???

    If they can’t sell a drug for it… then they’ll try to destroy it!

    And if you think that’s an exaggeration, just check out the latest news from the supposed cutting-edge of mainstream medicine.

    For YEARS now they’ve burned piles and piles of cash trying to create an overpriced pharmaceutical to raise HDL cholesterol, aka “good” cholesterol.

    And for the most part, they FAILED.

    So what are they doing now?

    They’re practically throwing a temper tantrum, claiming HDL isn’t such a big deal after all – and that one form could even hurt you.

    But I’ve got what they don’t: I’ve got the TRUTH about LDL and HDL cholesterol, as well as how to keep the right levels of both.

    What they won’t tell you about your cholesterol

    After YEARS of trying to cook up drugs to raise HDL… and having little to show for it… a new report comes out conveniently claiming you don’t want those levels to be too high anyway.

    They claim HDL particles can be “too big,” and that instead of protecting your blood vessels they can actually hurt.

    That’s news to ANYONE who’s been paying attention to, y’know, science and biology, where higher HDL has consistently led to lower risks.

    One study last year found that if docs want to change their focus, they should look at HDL-P, or how much HDL is in circulation, rather than the HDL-C currently measured.

    It’s not that HDL-C is BAD so much as HDL-P being a potentially much better indicator, and higher levels of this specific form can cut the risk of:

    • Heart attack by 37 percent
    • Stroke by 34 percent

    Now, of course particle size DOES matter when it comes to cholesterol.

    I’ve only been saying this for YEARS now, especially it comes to LDL cholesterol… where particle size REALLY matters.

    In that case, the bigger particles are better.

    Like beach balls in a stadium event, big LDL particles just bounce around harmlessly.

    The little dense particles are the ones you need to watch for – because they’re the ones that can cling to blood vessel walls, which leads to hardening and blockages.

    But pardon me if I’m not sold on their sudden change of heart on this, especially when they’ll happily apply it to HDL but ignore it for LDL.

    Fact is, their entire approach has been a complete disaster!

    The “top line” numbers they focus on – LDL, HDL, triglycerides and total cholesterol – have MISSED up to 50 percent of all people at risk of a heart attack.

    People with “normal” cholesterol routinely show up in the ER with heart attacks… while people with “high” cholesterol might never be at risk, yet are practically FORCED to gobble down drugs.

    One way to balance out all of these forms of cholesterol at once without medication is with a potent natural therapy called amla, aka Indian gooseberry.

    This almost magical little berry, concentrated in supplement form, can tackle the two biggest factors in cholesterol, and it’s not HDL and LDL.

    It’s inflammation and oxidation.

    And for even better results, combine it with other proven cardiovascular superstars such as CoQ10 and aged garlic extract. I like a form called Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract.

    All of these are easy-to-find, inexpensive and totally safe, but of course talk to your doctor about your risks and the best approach for you.

  2. The EXOTIC spice that could CHANGE your life!

    If you’ve got a potential treatment for stress, there’s no better time to let the world know about it than right now.

    And if it works?

    There’s no better time to TRY it!

    Well, friend, it looks like we’ve got another winner ready to pass the literal stress test here in these tense times as the latest science reveals a potent natural therapy that can:

    • EASE anxiety
    • FIGHT stress
    • ENHANCE mood
    • IMPROVE depression
    • BOOST quality of life

    Something this good should be worth its weight in gold, right?

    Well, this one isn’t.

    It’s actually worth MORE.

    But you don’t have to have a wallet ready for Tiffany’s to get in on this incredible natural therapy.

    Because despite the golden value, you can score what you need from some of the nickel, zinc and copper coins in your pocket!

    The SAFFRON cure for mood disorders

    Saffron has been called the rarest spice in the world, which may be overstating the situation a bit given that your local supermarket probably has it.

    But it’s certainly not cheap.

    By weight, it costs more than gold. But as a spice made from a flower, it’s almost weightless in the amounts we need for food… and weighs even less when it comes to the compounds inside that can deliver so many incredible benefits to the body.

    Saffron has been shown to fight cancer, enhance vision, improve memory, speed weight loss and so much more.

    In the new study, saffron went up against a placebo in 56 people suffering from struggles with mood, anxiety, stress and depression.

    And the saffron ran rings around that placebo.

    The folks who took the supplement reported better mood, and even better social relationships.

    If this were just one study… or the only one to find a benefit… you might write this off as a flowery fluke.

    But it’s not.

    One review of five earlier studies found it worked better than a placebo for mild-to-moderate cases of depression.

    And another study found something that’s in many ways even more amazing: It matched the effects of antidepressant drugs including fluoxetine (aka Prozac) and citalopram (aka Celexa), but without the side effects.

    Yet another study on women suffering from PMS found that even SMELLING saffron can ease anxiety and reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

    Yes, benefits you can literally smell!

    The new study tested 30 mg per day; you can get supplements in that dosage for about $7 a month.

    Now if only gold were that easy to come by in useful amounts…

  3. The TWO DRUGS you REALLY don’t need anymore!

    We do so much outta habit that it’s not always easy to spot the bad ones. And it’s not just chewing pencils and biting nails. Millions of Americans… especially OLDER folks… take medications each day that they probably should’ve stopped years ago. You might even be one of them. Because as new research shows, the problem’s a lot more widespread...
  4. WIPE OUT this ‘X’ factor for chronic disease

    Forget the waves of the coronavirus if you can. Because the REAL “next wave” of health struggles related to the pandemic has nothing to do with the virus itself. It’s something else, something happening right now… bubbling just beneath the surface. And it could be happening to YOU! When it comes to everything from infection risk,… to chronic disease… to...
  5. Watch your high blood pressure go up in smoke

    It’s amazing what a difference a few years can make. Not too long ago, a guy like me had to put his reputation on the line to prescribe medicinal cannabis. You could be an EXPERT on dozens of diseases and conditions… know entire libraries worth of treatment options… and have a proven track record at the top of your field...
  6. Busting the BIGGEST myth about obesity

    I’ve never been the type to sugarcoat the news… so I’m here with what some might call “tough” talk. I prefer to think of it as HONEST talk. Because millions of Americans are living in denial right now. They’re ignoring some VERY SERIOUS and VERY DEADLY risks – and what makes it so frustrating is that they don’t have to...
  7. CONFIRMED: A single diet change REVERSES diabetes

    They act like it’s some kind of pipe dream – that your odds of reversing diabetes are the same as hitting the Powerball. But new research shows how you could hit the jackpot… not in lottery cash, but for a much, much bigger prize. Because this report PROVES once and for all the you CAN reverse diabetes, regain control over...
  8. [WARNING] Common skin medication can CRACK your bones!

    They promise it’ll SOOTHE your skin… delivering the relief you need from conditions such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. But there’s a DARK side this promise – one they WON’T warn you about. In order to SAVE your skin… you might have to SACRIFICE your bones! New research finds a direct link between osteoporosis and some of the most common...
  9. The medical appointments you SHOULDN’T cancel… even in a pandemic

    Cancel EVERYTHING! That was the reaction nearly a year ago when the pandemic first hit… and that’s pretty much the case today as the coronavirus still rages across the nation. That’s why new numbers show Americans are downright terrified of going to the doctor’s office or hospital right now. And many have no plans to go back. I get WHY...
  10. ACTIVATE your body’s LIFE-SAVING ‘hidden’ fat reserve

    Christmas might be long over, but here in Western Massachusetts we’re still walking in a winter wonderland. Because baby… it’s COLD outside. Jack Frost would get the shivers out here, but I don’t let that keep me in. I just put on an extra layer and vest – heck, I don’t even own a winter coat – and head outside...
  11. The latest UGLY LIE about flu shots

    The mainstream is celebrating what they claim is a wildly successful vaccine. No, not the one you’re thinking of! They’re claiming this year’s flu shot is the best in ages. Just look around: No one’s getting the flu. See??? What a triumph of modern medicine! And sure, flu rates are down while vaccination rates are up. But let’s stop the...
  12. How coronavirus has already changed 2021

    Less than a month into the New Year and one thing is already very clear… Things aren’t going back to “normal” anytime soon – and even when they do, “normal” is going to look a whole lot different from what we’re all used to. The pandemic hasn’t just changed life during the crisis. It’s changed many aspects of our day-to-day...
  13. LADIES: You may be able to SKIP chemo for breast cancer

    If you were challenged to create the WORST possible treatment for ANY potential disease, you’d have to give up pretty early on. Because there’s just no way you’ll top chemo! It’s less a treatment, and more a torture – one that can leave you sick, weak and feeling half-dead. Then… just when you think it’s over… it’s NOT, because chemo...
  14. BETTER than surgery for your ACHING back!

    The operation is called a spinal fusion, and surgeons just LOVE it. Of course they do: It costs about $30,000 a pop! They’ll do anything they can protect that kind of coin, so they’re out with a study claiming they’ve found a way to make it even “better.” Usually, they have to flip you over midway through, like a pancake...
  15. These FORBIDDEN FOODS can STOP a stroke!

    It’s only the second day of the New Year… but I’m already sick of the know-it-alls on TV dishing out lousy advice. And I bet you are, too! All these nags are trying to push everyone into quitting everything enjoyable with their “eat this, not that” nonsense. There’s no science behind most of it. In fact, the science usually shows...
  16. SAVE your brain with PINK power

    It’s like those scenes in a murder mystery movie where the detective misses the most obvious and important clue… and you’re practically SHOUTING at the screen. Except in this case, it’s researchers zeroing in on a MEDICAL mystery. Specifically, how to stop the aging in the brain that leads to cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. And they came SO CLOSE...
  17. Slash your odds of the DEADLIEST cancers

    On the long list of ways you DON’T wanna go, cancer’s gotta be right near the top. It’s SLOW… it’s PAINFUL… and your FAMILY has to watch this nightmare unfold. But I’m here with a game-changer as new research reveals a way to ensure you NEVER suffer that fate. There’s a simple and effective natural option that can help protect...
  18. RESOLUTION: Beat diabetes, lose weight and save your heart

    Don’t wait until the New Year to make your resolution. If you have diabetes, new research shows you can’t wait anymore – because you’re facing a far bigger and much deadlier risk than most people realize. It’s not just “heart problems.” It could be heart failure – a condition that too often leads to a rapid decline in health and...
  19. The BRAIN-ENHANCING power of “chilling out”

    When did health advice become such a NAG??? Everything you hear… everything you read… everything THEY tell you to do is always such a bummer. Well, my friend, I’m here to say the key to good health isn’t in depriving yourself of life’s great joys. In fact, most of the NAG stuff is flat-out wrong! You CAN lose weight without...
  20. WARNING: New study exposes HIDDEN risk of cholesterol meds

    Here’s how LITTLE they think of you – how LITTLE they think of ALL of us. Right now, millions of Americans are taking a drug that’s been foisted on nearly everyone from middle ages on up in one of the most chillingly successful mass medication programs in modern history. You might even be on this med yourself! Yet they just...