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  1. The UNEXPECTED key to a BETTER night of sleep

    Some people think I’m downright NUTS for this…

    But I happen to believe that NOTHING feels better than a late-evening walk in the hills under the full moon when the temperatures are right around freezing.

    And if there’s a fresh layer of snow on the ground, so much the better!

    Yes, friend, we’re heading into MY time of the year.

    It’s not just being outside on a chilly evening that I love. It’s what happens next – because I sleep like a baby after those cool nighttime walks.

    Try it sometime. You’ll thank me later!

    But if you’re not exactly the cold-weather type… if you’d rather get your sleep without the chills… then I’ve got another option backed by new research.

    It’s NOT about where you walk, or how COLD it is.

    It’s what you eat!

    These foods will help you sleep better

    What we eat has a direct effect on how we sleep.

    Chocolate, for example, contains a little caffeine – in some cases just enough to keep you awake if you eat it before bed. It’s also got theobromine, a stimulant that can increase heart rate and interfere with sleep.

    And starches may not stop you from falling asleep, but can lead to restless sleep and even nightmares… so definitely pass on the bread before bed (honestly, that’s a good rule for the rest of the day, too).

    But some foods can have the OPPOSITE effect.

    They can help you turn out the mental lights… shut down gently… and get the rest you need.

    And that’s where the latest research comes into focus.

    It finds that a very special class of fiber can do for you what those chilly evening walks do for me.

    They can help you sleep!

    They’re called prebiotics, or fiber that’s not just good for digestion but also can help “feed” the healthy probiotic bacteria in your gut.

    Those good bugs play dozens of roles in digestion, nutrition and more. But the one that matters right now is this: They help regulate stress and stress hormones.

    When those hormones spike, you can struggle to sleep.

    But when you have an army of microbial soldiers working to keep things in order and balance out hormones, you can get your rest without a care in the world.

    In a new study on rats, critters given probiotics before sleep had both a BETTER stress response and BETTER sleep as a result.

    Don’t dismiss this because it’s rats; other studies have found a link between increased dietary fiber and better sleep – so this is just one more piece of evidence.

    Just about all fiber from fruit and vegetable sources are healthy, but the ones that also work best as probiotics include asparagus, garlic, chicory, onions, bananas, peas and beans.

    Search Google for a more complete list.

  2. DRUG SCARE: 2 common meds in URGENT new warning!

    It’s NOT the kind of news you ever want to wake up to see.

    You turn on the TV… or open the newspaper (remember those???)… or check online… or maybe even your email.

    And you see it: another warning out about meds – and this time, your drugs are on the list.

    It’s enough to make your heart skip a beat, and in this case that’s EXACTLY the risk you’re facing as the American Heart Association warns that several common classes of medication can lead to SERIOUS and potentially DEADLY heartbeat problems.

    But I’m not just here to repeat the warning to scare you.

    I’m here with a solution.

    I’ve got the names of the drugs linked to that frightening risk… and the better options you can replace them with!

    Common drugs linked the heartbeat risk

    The American Heart Association says the drugs covered in the warning can cause irregular heartbeats, including a heart that beats too fast… too slow… or even starts “fluttering.”

    That, in turn, can make you dizzy or faint.

    And inside your body, it can make it difficult for blood to reach your organs – potentially damaging the heart, brain and more.

    So allow me to share two of the meds that pose the biggest threat, according to the new warning. And while you shouldn’t quit ANY of them without talking to your doctor first, I’ve got some safer options you can discuss with him:

    HEARTBEAT THREAT #1: Antidepressants

    The new warning covers citalopram (Celexa), bscitalopram (Lexapro) and fluoxetine (Prozac) – drugs more people are turning to than ever as “pandemic blues” hit hard.

    Sales are UP… and supplies are DOWN, leading to an antidepressant shortage earlier this year.

    But who needs ’em???

    All-natural curcumin has gone head-to-head against one of those VERY drugs… fluoxetine… and MATCHED it every step of the way!

    HEARTBEAT THREAT #2: Azithromycin

    You know this one, maybe too well. It’s the trusty Z-Pak docs turn to for common infections. A running joke in medicine is how badly overused it is for the common cold: Patients come in depending an antibiotic, and too many docs comply just to make them happy.

    The docs KNOW the drug won’t work (plus, the cold will go away on its own). But they THINK that at least it’s safe.

    Clearly, it’s not.

    In addition to the new warning, studies have found it can make your heart race like it’s running the Belmont, speeding along at FOUR TIMES the resting rate. And a 2012 study found it can TRIPLE your risk of death.

    There are times you may truly need it, so talk with your doc. But often, safer antibiotics will do the trick… and for the common cold, vitamins A, C, D and zinc will do much more for your infection than any drug. And don’t forget one of the best natural treatments of all for the cold: sleep it off!

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  4. PROVEN: Cannabis WORKS for chronic pain

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  6. The Alzheimer’s EARLY WARNING SYSTEM that could SAVE your brain

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  7. 3 no-stress options for EASY weight loss

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  8. What’s your bloody nose REALLY telling you?

  9. Your meds could be EATING your brain!

    Halloween? Humbug! We’ve got an out-of-season Grinch named coronavirus threatening to cancel the holiday – but in classic Hollywood horror movie fashion, the REAL monster isn’t the virus stalking everyone outside. It’s ALREADY in your home! This hidden threat operates like something out of a creature-feature. First, it slips into your brain. Next, it wipes out your memory. Then, it...
  10. Three URGENT actions for any dementia diagnosis!

    The three hardest words for a doc are “I don’t know” – and you won’t believe the kinds of stunts they’ll pull rather than say it out loud. They’ll send you out for tests you don’t need… bring you in for followups that won’t matter… and prescribe drugs that don’t work. Case in point: Dementia. New research reveals how docs...
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  14. The NIGHTTIME secret to a longer, healthier life

    There are a LOT of factors that go into how long you’ll live. Some are outta your control, like genetics. Some are in your control, but require a ton of time and attention, like diet… nutrition… and exposure to toxins. But new research reveals what could be one of the BIGGEST longevity factors of all. It’s not only totally within...
  15. Do you REALLY need to take a multivitamin?

    There’s an easy way to ensure you’re covered on ALL your basic nutrients at once. And it costs literally pennies a day. So naturally, the mainstream is downright livid over this – launching attack… after attack… after attack… on simple, humble, everyday multivitamins. Now, they’re at it again. They’re out with a new report in the medical journal BMJ that...
  16. The SECRET DISEASE that strikes HALF of all seniors

    Call it America’s TRUE silent killer – a devastating collection of risk factors that gets NO attention at all from the mainstream. Probably because they don’t have a DRUG to sell you for it! Yep, as far as the mainstream’s concerned a disease has to be like a theme park ride. If there’s no gift shop in the end… no...
  17. DON’T sign up for back surgery yet!

    Nothing puts a damper on the day quite like back pain flaring up. You’re not going to the beach anymore. You’re not even going to the mailbox. You’re going to bed! And even there, you end up twisting… turning… and propping up the pillows to find that just-right angle where you don’t hurt quite so much. Yeah, I’ve been there...
  18. Sex-Boosting Formula Could TRANSFORM Your Love Life?!

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  19. How to AVOID the hospital – and SAVE your own life!

    I hope you’re not in a hospital any time soon. But if you are… and you have the chance… take a look around you. Because odds are, you’ll see someone you know. A new report confirms what you may have already suspected: Many of those noisy, uncomfortable ER beds are occupied by seniors. Folks over 60 are now responsible for...
  20. Why your pain pills DON’T work… and what DOES!

    The jig is up! When you complain about your pain… when you say the opioid meds aren’t working the way they used to… they’ll boost the dose and send you away, claiming more meds will lead to less pain. It doesn’t. They KNOW it doesn’t. But they do it anyway, for one simple reason. It’s FAST! Many of today’s big...