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  1. Urinary tract infections can be STOPPED for good

    The REAL reason your UTIs keep coming back (And what to do)

    Your doc will blame your urinary tract infections (UTIs) on bacteria...

    And he’s partially right.

    But there’s something else that gets to share the blame here, too, and it’s not some microscopic little bug.

    It’s the very ANTIBIOTICS that are supposedly TREATING the infection.

    New research reveals how UTIs are actually BOLSTERED by antibiotics...making us prone to relapses more than ever before.

    Instead, I’ve got a foolproof plan you can use to CHASE those infections away and STOP them from coming back – once and for all!

    It’s proven to be just as effective as meds, WITHOUT the risks.

    But first, let’s take a look at WHY those persistent UTIs keep returning in the first place...

    It’s like a strength-training gym for germs

    Urinary tract infections are becoming difficult and downright impossible to treat, and it’s not because the germs are magically getting stronger on their own...

    It’s because your doctor is practically TRAINING them!

    He’s like Mickey putting Rocky Balboa through the paces before the big fight, helping to make them stronger and meaner...

    Instead of making the germs do one-armed pushups, he’s giving them a barrage of antibiotics, which is like putting them through practice fights.

    They get stronger with every course, learning to resist each drug over time.

    The result?

    A world champion of a germ… knocking YOU down for the count!

    A new study finds that if your UTI doesn’t respond quickly to the first drug your doc gives you, you’ve already got a stronger bug -- and your fight is heading for another round.

    You could suffer a relapse within just one week!

    The study also finds folks who relapse are more likely to get the wrong antibiotic next.

    Of course, in many cases, EVERY antibiotic is the “wrong” choice… because you DON’T always need drugs – and their nasty side effects -- to beat back the infections.

    How to END your UTIs once and for all

    Cranberry is often dismissed by mainstream docs.

    Don’t let them fool you...

    These tart little berries contain a potent compound called proanthocyanidins that can treat the bacteria behind UTIs the way Rocky handled Mr. T.

    There is a catch: If you rely on juices like Ocean Spray for your cranberry fix, you probably won’t get the results you’re looking for.

    But cranberry EXTRACT can do the trick.

    A study a few years back found that 500 mg of cranberry extract per day is JUST AS EFFECTIVE as an antibiotic for women with recurring urinary infections!

  2. Lyme disease discovery STUNS feds

    Get to the bottom of your “mystery illness” (No, you’re NOT crazy!)

    A SECRET EPIDEMIC is running rampant across the United States...

    Most mainstream doctors won’t TEST for it...

    Many won’t even TALK about it...

    And they certainly don’t know how to TREAT it!

    Yet close to 600,000 Americans are battling with this disease every day.

    You might be one of them -- and not even know it.

    Today, I’m going to show you the life-changing secret to TREATING and DEFEATING the draining “mystery” ailments that most docs can’t figure out.

    The REAL cause of your “mystery” illness

    New numbers from the CDC reveal that tick-borne infections have jumped at a rate no one expected.

    In 2017, more than 59,000 Americans suffered from illnesses caused by tick bites, an increase of 22 percent over 2016, with the vast majority of them coming in the form of Lyme disease.

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because those are ONLY the folks who’ve been formally diagnosed.

    Remember what I said about docs failing to recognize the disease? The CDC quietly admitted to that ugly reality, too...

    According to the CDC, the REAL numbers are 10x HIGHER than what docs diagnose!

    That could mean close to 600,000 Americans battle tick-borne infections EVERY year -- and not just in the well-known “tick states” along the coasts and in the Midwest...

    See, Lyme disease has now been reported in ALL 50 STATES.

    That means someone you love could be quietly suffering from a hidden infection right now.

    You might even be one of them.

    But if you’ve told your doctor about the agonizing all-over aches and pains… the debilitating fatigue… and the complete loss of strength

    Odds are he didn’t even test you for Lyme!

    And even if he did, the main test most docs use is notoriously inaccurate.

    In other words, you could easily be UNdiagnosed or MISdiagnosed.

    Some docs might label you as a “complainer.” Others may suggest it’s “all in your head,” and load you up with antibiotics!

    Now, the new numbers show it’s not in your head.

    You could have Lyme.


    The good news is you can make a complete recovery… but only if your doctor spots it and treats it.

    If you have Lyme symptoms and spend a lot of time outdoors, INSIST on thorough tests -- even if you can’t recall a tick bite.

    Remember, these bugs can be pretty sneaky, and you may not react right away when bitten.

    For complete testing and treatment for Lyme and other “mystery” ailments, make an appointment to see me at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine here in the San Diego area.

    Not in Southern California? I’m also available for advice by phone. Call 855-DOC-MARK to schedule a consultation.

    And don’t forget to connect with me on Facebook!

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  9. Aging blocked with this time-defying strategy

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  13. Cholesterol drugs linked to horrible new risks

    Get PERFECT cholesterol… without TOUCHING a drug They’re some of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the nation, especially among older patients... I’m talking about cholesterol-lowering statins. And there’s a ONE out of THREE chance you’re taking one right now. You may have even experienced the terrible side effects, like severe muscle pain… memory problems… sexual dysfunction… and even blood...
  14. Weight loss speeds up with this one little trick

    Drop 5 pounds in just ONE SECOND! Can you lose weight in just one second? It sounds too good to be true. Heck, it sounds downright impossible. But there’s a quick trick that’ll literally take you about a second a day. It’s painless... Effortless... And you already have everything you need on hand... The easiest weight loss trick of all...
  15. Depression treatments that work in the toughest cases

    Skip this depression drug SCAM… and learn to make your blues DISAPPEAR Big Pharma’s a big believer in second chances… as long as they can make a pile of money in the process. They just LOVE taking old, rejected drugs and bringing them back to terrorize patients all over again. And they’re about to do it one more time... A...
  16. Incontinence defeated… WITHOUT drugs

    End embarrassing bladder leaks WITHOUT drugs It’s one of the most COMMON health problems facing older women. I’m talking about that leaky bladder… and how it always seems to act up at the WORST possible time. It can STOP YOU from doing everything you love.... Going out for fun evenings with friends – even a trip to the supermarket...
  17. Cellphones in new brain tumor link

    CONFIRMED: Cellphones linked to deadly BRAIN TUMORS! There’s a habit we’ve settled into over the past couple decades because it’s just so darned convenient. We’re spending HOURS a day on our cell phones. Unfortunately, this modern “convenience” can also turn DEADLY. For years, the cell phone companies have tried to convince us that cell phones are as harmless as kittens...
  18. Diabetes drug gets new push despite amputation risk

    TERRIFYING diabetes drug being pushed on MILLIONS It’s a DANGEROUS drug that’s RUINING lives. This medication needs to be pulled from the market… But instead, they’re doing just the OPPOSITE! They’re EXPANDING it to reach MORE consumers and put MORE lives on the line. And if you have diabetes, one of those lives could be yours! The FDA has...
  19. Blood pressure guidelines FLUNK major new study

    Don’t fall for this MASSIVE blood pressure SCAM Another one bites the dust! I’m talking about the new blood pressure guidelines announced last year with great fanfare. You’ll recall they were supposed to IMPROVE health and SAVE lives. I warned at the time that those guidelines were wrong. And now, a MASSIVE new study not only confirms my warning, but...
  20. Alzheimer’s disease linked to THESE early warning signs

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