by Dr. Alan Inglis

In my experience, people who drink coffee regularly don’t really need an excuse to do it. It’s as much part of their daily routines as showering or brushing their teeth.

But the coffee lovers of the world seemed to latch on to a new study that showed caffeine may be able to kill skin cancer cells. According to the research, which was published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, caffeine has the ability to target and kill abnormal cells that have been damaged by UV rays. Meanwhile, it leaves healthy cells alone.

It seems like everyone wants to turn caffeine into the next wonder drug… there’s even been research showing it can help ward off Alzheimer’s.

But before you start calling your daily run to Starbucks part of your “health routine,” there’s more you need to know about this cancer study. According to researchers, you’d have to drink six cups of coffee a day for years to experience a 30 percent reduction in your cancer risk – about 5 percent for every cup.

I don’t know if six cups of coffee will really keep you from getting skin cancer or not… I do know it will probably keep you from sleeping, and could even have damaging effects on your heart.

My advice is to take this research with a grain of salt… and take your coffee in moderation. A couple cups a day is fine, but give it a rest after noon.