Those of you on dialysis have plenty to worry about. So it's always great when we can find ways to help you worry a little less.

I know that one of the biggest concerns when you begin dialysis treatment is the threat of cardiovascular problems. But a new study points out a way to significantly reduce that risk.

The study, published in the online version of The Lancet, found that dialysis patients who lowered their blood pressure levels also lowered their risk of cardiovascular incidents — including death — by one third.

This is terrific news because, as anyone on dialysis will tell you, it's a high-risk group for death. We lose between 10 percent and 20 percent of our friends on dialysis each year, nearly half of them to heart-related incidents.

Unfortunately, the researchers didn't attribute this great success to the lower blood pressure itself, but to the drugs they used to reduce those levels. If you're on dialysis, the last thing you want or need is more pills to pop, more interactions to worry about, and more side effects to manage.

To say it was the drugs that reduced the risk of cardiovascular problems – instead of the lower blood pressure itself – well, that's like searching the sky and managing to miss the sun.

If this latest study is accurate, then this is about getting your blood pressure under control more than anything else. While many people rely on pills and medications to do that, I can help you find a better way.

Many blood pressure problems are caused by specific nutritional deficiencies. You could be deficient in key nutrients such as tyrosine or vitamin C. The point is, you can, on your own, learn how to correct those deficiencies and bring your blood pressure under control without drugs.

I've put together a roadmap for getting your levels back to normal, and there's not a single prescription drug on it. And this could help anyone, not just dialysis patients. If you're trying to restore some order to your blood pressure, be sure to take a look at my recommendations in the May issue of Health Revelations.