While we're on the topic of fat and weight loss, we have more evidence that mainstream medicine's war on fat is not just misguided – it's killing us.

So-called "low fat" diets have helped make Americans fatter than ever, and cause us to miss out on many of the nutrients, proteins, and healthy fats our bodies need. Now, an article in Best Life points out the growing body of evidence illustrating how we are being harmed by the lack of omega-3 fatty acids in the modern Western diet.

The latest research shows that the lack of omega-3s may be playing a critical role in our rising levels of everything from asthma, cancer, and heart disease to dementia and depression. And because of that, there's a new push to include omega-3s in everything from bread to juice.

As the article points out, it didn't have to come to this. While fish and fish oil supplements have been the best source of omega-3s in recent years, dairy products, chicken and even beef were all chock full of good fatty acids once upon a time.

That's because chickens and cows once ate plenty of grasses, which they were able to turn into omega-3s.

Today, as any of the ranchers here in Montana can tell you, that era is long over. Sure, many of us still cling to the old ways, but that's not what you'll find in the typical supermarket. Now, livestock are fed cheaper corn and soybean products instead of grass, as the war on fat moved everyone – even our animals – onto diets based on seed oils instead of greens.

So instead of omega-3s, our beef, poultry, and dairy products now provide the far less beneficial omega-6 fatty acids.

For several decades now, researchers have consistently found that people around the world who enjoy diets rich in healthy fats live better, longer and healthier lives than our own. Those diets also usually include far more cholesterol than what our "experts" advise, yet they manage to avoid many of the illnesses we associate with elevated cholesterol.

It's time we finally accept the notion that some fats are good for you, and that it's unhealthy to avoid them – as we're learning now at great cost. In the meantime, make sure you're getting enough omega-3s through coldwater fish or fish oil supplements, as needed.