You know by now that I don't believe in just managing symptoms. When someone has an illness, a good doctor should determine the underlying cause and cure it.

But here's a symptom-management strategy you can go ahead and try – unlike some risky prescription drug, it won't harm you one bit.

A recent study, published in Clinical Immunology, found that broccoli sprouts may help control the symptoms of asthma. It turns out the compound sulforaphane found in broccoli sprouts may boost the antioxidant enzymes that fight inflammation in your nostrils. 

Researchers warn that these results are preliminary and more study is needed to see if the sulforaphane really can help, and if it does, how much you might need to enjoy its benefits.

Eating a normal amount of broccoli won't hurt you, and it may even give you some relief. 

In the meantime, stay focused on finding out what's triggering your asthma – often it's a simple allergy you might not be aware of.

I've been giving my patients more thorough allergy testing (looking for different types of antibodies) for years, and many of them have been amazed by the results. You may need to be insistent to get these tests from your own doc, but push him a little if you have to.

Either that, or be prepared to eat broccoli sprouts for the rest of your life. That might not be all bad – after all, you can put them on pizza.