I know more than a few women who enjoy reminding their husbands that men have shorter lives. It can be a running joke in some marriages.

We know that statistically, it's true – but a new study finds that while women are living longer, they're not necessarily living better, especially during those later years.

The study, presented in May at the annual meeting of the American Geriatric Society's annual meeting, found that women have higher rates of obesity and arthritis, and a higher risk of disability as a result.

In fact, senior women have up to 2.5 times the disability rate of men the same age. Obesity and arthritis account for nearly half of that gender gap.

The study also found that women are more like to suffer from bronchitis, vision problems, and fractured bones.

Men were more likely to suffer from emphysema, heart disease, heart failure, stroke and diabetes, which helps explain those shorter lives. Men are also more likely to suffer from hearing problems (or at least that's what some of them tell their wives), and walking problems due to narrowed leg arteries.

Researchers believe that women tend to put on more weight after childbirth and menopause, starting them down a road towards obesity and disability later in life.

The great tragedy here is that conditions like obesity and arthritis are completely within your control, whether you're a man or a woman. Unfortunately, too many people refuse to make or even recognize the lifestyle changes they need – and pay for it later on.

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