When most folks hear something's been declared the "best," they usually assume it has withstood some kind of test against its rivals.

Well, that's not always the case when it comes to medicine.

Take the latest study on diabetics and heart disease. It concluded that the "best" treatment is drugs.

Researchers speaking in June at the annual meeting of the American Diabetes Association made that bold declaration – saying meds beat out stents for these patients.

Now, I'd never call drugs the best first-line option against anything.  But here's what's truly stunning about this study: They compared these drugs only with stents – as if those are the only two options.

It's an outrage.

It also shows just where modern medicine is right now, and it's not a great place. All our research seems geared at getting more people on the latest drugs, without even giving other options a moment's consideration.

Remember, they are not looking at these options as emergency procedures for people too far down the road – they are calling this the best first option against heart disease in diabetics.

Diabetes and heart disease are not overnight conditions. The whole notion that the "first line" of defense for either of these conditions should take place after they're attacking a body shows you just how flawed this study really is.

Fact is, in many instances both diabetes and heart disease can be managed through diet and lifestyle. And if more people focused on those two details, fewer people would reach the point where diabetes and heart disease would even be a concern.

Instead, we get flawed studies based on a faulty premise – studies that will be read by doctors around the world, and taken into consideration when they treat their patients.

Too many doctors simply don't realize that there are other options. Much like these researchers, they've been conditioned to simply look for a drug to treat any condition that comes along.

What's frustrating for me is that the answers are right there in front of us – heart disease and diabetes didn't exist in the past to the extent that they do today, which is the strongest evidence yet for a lifestyle-based approach for dealing with these conditions.

I can go on at length about diabetes and heart disease. In fact, I did – I've got a lot of great information about these conditions, how to avoid them, and how to manage them in my book, The Body Heals, 2nd Edition.

My techniques are safe, effective and are based on generations of very real evidence – and not some flawed study.