It's like super-sized magic!

British researchers say you can now safely gulp down a gut-busting fast-food meal anytime you want. In fact, it's practically health food now.

And all you have to do is swallow a little pill with your milkshake.

But this isn't some new wonderdrug. Nope--the med they want you to take is a cholesterol-lowering statin.

I've always said that the mainstream goal is to get absolutely everyone on cholesterol meds... and now, all the proof you need can be found in the pages of the American Journal of Cardiology, where researchers lamented the fact that statins are still a prescription drug.

That's because they want restaurant chains to serve up McMeds with every meal, no doctor necessary.

The research team even came up with a formula simple enough for any minimum wage teenage fast food worker/pharmacist to understand: One statin will cancel out the effects of a burger and a milkshake.

I take you'll need a second one if you want fries--and maybe a third if you supersize it.

And don't worry about the price--they've figured that one out, too: roughly 8 cents per meal, which they say is in line with a ketchup packet.

But the cost of making hundreds of millions of people sicker than ever by encouraging them to eat fast food while taking dangerous drugs: Priceless.

Especially for Big Pharma.

Statins are already some of the most successful meds in all history--making them available prescription-free with every item on the dollar menu would keep the gravy train running for generations.

But as many of the people who've taken these meds can attest, they're all risk and no reward.

Dr. Donald Light, professor of comparative health policy at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, said at a recent meeting of the American Sociological Association that a thorough review of the research finds that statins neither reduce the risk of heart attack nor help people live longer.

You might even say that these meds are a genuine twofer-- because in addition to being utterly ineffective, they're also far more dangerous than your doctor will ever admit. They come with a risk of debilitating muscle pain and even permanent muscle damage, kidney failure, and even cataracts.

So if you're really interested in staying healthy and winning the cholesterol battle, do yourself a favor--stay off these meds.

And stay out of fast food joints.