Alternative medicine is killing children!

That’s what Australian researchers want you to think, anyway. They’ve thrown together a sloppy report that claims natural treatments and homeopathy cause kids to get sick and even die.

Using a combination of scare tactics and selective science, the researchers isolated 39 reports of kids who suffered side effects blamed on complementary treatments that took place between 2001 and 2003.

That’s 39 out of… well, they won’t say. Instead, they just claim that 77 percent of those side effects were directly related to the treatments, and 65 percent were severe and life-threatening.

Tragically, that includes four deaths.

And in 44 percent of the cases, pediatricians say the child was hurt by the fact that parents didn’t seek a conventional treatment first.

But if you’re looking for some perspective, you’ve come to the wrong place – because in addition to not even mentioning the much larger number of kids treated safely with alternative medicine, the researchers won’t even touch the issue of how many kids were harmed by conventional medicine, such as drug overdoses.

Why compare when you can scare, right?

So allow me to do their work for them: One study found Australian kids overdose on regular meds up to 17 percent of the time.

Overdoses of one drug alone – acetaminophen – send 3,000 Australian children to the hospital every year, adding up to 9,000 kids in the ER during the three-year study period.

Acetaminophen overdoses also result in 140,000 panicked calls to Australian poison control hotlines every year.

Suddenly, 39 cases of side effects from all alternative treatments combined don’t look so bad – and the Archives of Disease in Childhood should be embarrassed for publishing this without including even the most basic comparative data.

But let’s dig even deeper here – because the researchers also left out key details on where and how these kids were treated.

There’s a huge difference between a holistic physician with a medical degree and a holistic healer who took a weekend course on shamanism in Sedona – yet they both usually get lumped together as equals in “alternative medicine” by mainstream researchers.

But again, don’t count on these researchers to make that distinction.

The bottom line here is that alternative treatments can save lives and prevent the unnecessary side effects and complications that come from conventional medicine, and anyone who fails to recognize that is blinded by Big Pharma.

But as with anything else, you need to be smart about who you choose to treat yourself and your child – and that means using a trusted physician skilled in natural healing.

Here in the United States, a great place to start your search is the American College for the Advancement of Medicine.