Many working moms already feel guilty enough about the time spent away from their kids each day... and now, the media is trying to turn that guilt into full-blown blame.

A new study finds that the children of working mothers weigh ever-so-slightly more than the kids of moms who don't work.

In fact, the difference amounts to only a single pound by third grade, according to the study in the journal Child Development.

That's it - one pound - but just look at these headlines:

  • The More Mom Works, the Heavier Her Kids Get: Study
  • Study Blames Working Moms for Overweight Kids
  • Kids of working moms at risk for weight gain
  • New study links working women to childhood obesity
  • Your Job Is Making Your Child Fat

Where do they get that from this study?

The real problem isn't how much mom or dad works - it's what kids eat. And while working moms might be more tempted to take a shortcut than those who stay home and have more time to cook, it's not the real reason for child obesity.

That can be found in another new study.

Researchers examined 1,000 sixth graders from 13 Michigan middle schools, and found that 15 percent were overweight - and nearly 100 percent of those children had lousy eating habits, according to the study in American Heart Journal.

They were also more likely to eat school lunch - which should tell you everything you need to know about those lowest-bidder, USDA-approved meals right there.

So the real answer to ending child obesity has nothing to do with how much mom or dad work. The new study even finds it has nothing to do with genetics (so much for the "I'm just big-boned" theory).

Just what you and your kids eat, at home and at school.

So take control of lunch and dinner - fresh, natural foods don't have to take long to prepare once you learn how to do it.

You don't even have to prepare fresh food every day - you can make your own "fast food" by preparing a week of meals over the weekend, and then reheating one each evening... with the leftovers appearing in lunch.

All the convenience, none of the processing - and a lower risk for obesity, all at once.