Don't eat off the coffee table in a single man's home... and never, ever sit on the plush seats of San Francisco's BART train system.

Those two items might not seem related, but they have something in common: New studies find they're both crawling with nasty germs.

In one study, researchers visited 30 single men and 30 single women at home and did swab tests on four surfaces: remote controls, coffee tables, nightstands and doorknobs.

I'm sure most people could guess that men would turn out to have the most germs... after all, we're made of snakes and snails and puppy dog tails even after we grow up.

But get this: Men had 15 times the bacteria in their homes as women, including fecal coliforms--poop bacteria--on 70 percent of their coffee tables.

Yuck... but that's why mom always said to keep your feet off the table.

The researchers also found fecal coliforms on 62 percent of nightstands, 30 percent of TV remotes and 13 percent of doorknobs in male homes.

The only consistent bacteria hotspot for women, on the other hand, was the doorknob: The researchers found coliforms on 33 percent of them.

One caveat: The study was sponsored by Clorox, and you just know they'd love the kind of headlines that get more people to buy disinfectant wipes.

Mission accomplished, guys.