Everyone's favorite caffeine boost can do a lot more than perk you up--a new study finds that coffee may actually slash the risk of stroke in women.

Researchers from Sweden's Karolinska Institute looked at data on 34,670 women between 49 and 83 years old who had no history of heart disease or cancer when the study began in 1997.

They found that those who drank more than a cup of coffee a day had a 25 percent lower risk of stroke than women who drank little to no coffee, according to the study published in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association.

Researchers aren't sure why these women had a lower risk of stroke... but suspect it may be because the drink is known to lower levels of inflammation and improve insulin resistance--two common measures of stroke risk.

I'm surprised they didn't mention niacin--studies have found this simple nutrient can also lower stroke risk, and coffee is literally overflowing with it.

Whatever the reason, you don't have to drink this stuff until your bladder is ready to burst to get the benefit: The researchers say women who drank up to five cups a day had the same reduction in stroke risk as those who had between one and two.

Women who drank no coffee at all, on the other hand, actually had a slightly higher risk of stroke.

Don't know what their drink of choice is... but maybe it's time to make a switch, especially if they're gulping down diet soda. One recent study found those toxic potions can actually increase the risk of stroke. (Read more here.)

Coffee, on the other hand, can do so much more than lower your risk of stroke-- and studies have found time and again that a couple of cups of mud every day can help men and women alike.

Coffee has been shown to lower the risk of heart disease, colon cancer, Parkinson's, cirrhosis, skin cancer, gallstones, and even cavities.

And for men, coffee may even lower the risk of prostate cancer.

Just don't load yours with sugar or sugar-sweetened syrups and flavorings... or any benefit from the coffee will be offset by the damage to your waistline.