What do tumors and bellies have in common? They both get bigger on a high-carb diet.

A new study on mice finds that a low-carb diet can slow, stop, and even prevent cancer.

Researchers from the British Columbia Cancer Research Center in Canada injected different types of tumors into mice and then put them onto either a typical Western diet (55 percent carbs, 23 percent protein, and 22 percent fat), or a low-carb diet (15 percent carbs, 25 percent fat, and 60 percent protein).

Even though the diets had the same number of calories, the carb-happy mice put on more weight. Even more alarmingly, their tumors grew consistently faster -- as if they were powered by carbs.

The researchers also carried out a similar experiment on mice predisposed to breast cancer and found that nearly half of those on the Western diet got the disease in their first year... versus none among the low-carb mice.

Over the longer term, only 30 percent of the low-carb mice developed the disease before they died, versus 70 percent of rodents on the high-carb diet.

The researchers wrote in Cancer Research that although the rodents had a two-year life expectancy, only one of the mice in the high-carb group reached it -- while half the mice in the low-carb group reached or beat that expiration date.

Obviously, it's a study on mice -- not people. But the researchers say the connection was so strong that it seems highly likely that it would apply to humans as well.

And that means if you're not on a low-carb diet yet, you might want to get started on one ASAP.

In addition to lowering your risk for cancer and causing tumors to starve, a high-protein diet low in sugar and other carbohydrates can slash your risk for diabetes, heart disease and more.

And if you've heard that a low-carb diet is bad for your arteries, you heard wrong: A recent study found no difference in vascular health between low-carb dieters and those who tried the low-fat approach.

Another mainstream myth bites the dust!

If all those health benefits of a low-carb diet aren't enough, consider this: It's also the fastest way to lose weight... and the surest way to keep it off for good.