Sex doesn't just get better with age -- age gets better with sex, especially for women.

In fact, older women with satisfying sex lives have better lives overall -- and that's not just opinion; it's a scientific fact.

Because when researchers interviewed 1,235 senior women in San Diego, they found that even the elderly can have satisfying sex lives -- and when it comes to those later years, quality trumps quantity (but feel free to boost quantity just the same, it's good for both of you).

Overall, the researchers say 31 percent of women in their 80s, 57 percent of women in their 70s, and 70 percent of women in their 60s reported at least one sexual encounter over the previous six months.

But regardless of how much sex they had, they all reported similar levels of moderate to high "sexual satisfaction" -- mostly hovering around 60 percent.

And with sexual satisfaction came other forms of satisfaction: Those women with satisfying sex lives reported more happiness and a better quality of life than those with less sexual satisfaction.

The researchers also wrote in The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society that as women got older, they were more likely to report problems with sexual arousal and desire -- and of course, that's music to the drug industry's ears. (Cheesy 70s porn music, I'm sure.)

That's because Big Pharma has been lusting after a so-called "female Viagra." And while none of the drugs they've come up with have been approved for women (yet), that hasn't stopped them from priming the market.

And as I've told you before, some of the tactics they've used have been downright underhanded.

Don't fall for it.

In many cases, female sex problems are caused by drug side effects, especially in older women. In other cases, it could just be one of the signs of aging as hormone levels drop -- but not the ones you're thinking of.

Testosterone is often considered a male hormone, but women need it too. Older women who get a boost often see dramatic improvements in their sex lives.

If you're having problems with arousal and desire, don't wait for Big Pharma to come out with a sex med. Visit a naturopathic physician who has experience working with hormones.

Then tell your husband to get ready.