Supercharge your health practically overnight

There's a quick and easy way to improve both your physical and mental health at the same time -- a diet that can help you to lose weight and dramatically slash your risk of battling today's leading killer diseases.

It's a simple diet backed by science... one so easy to follow just about anyone can do it. And it's a diet I recommend to all my friends, family, and patients -- including a patient who just contacted me from Hong Kong after suffering a stroke and wanted to know what changes he should make to his lifestyle.

It's the Mediterranean diet, a diet low in processed foods and rich in fish, lean meats, whole grains, and some of the most delicious meals you'll ever have in your life -- and the latest research confirms that it's the best overall health boost you can give yourself.

Researchers from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the University of Navarra in Spain tracked the eating habits of 11,015 university students over four years, using questionnaires to rate how closely they followed the Mediterranean lifestyle throughout the study.

They were also given a standardized survey to measure quality of life. And, no surprise to me, those who stuck to the Mediterranean diet -- the ones who ate the most fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts and fish -- had the highest quality of life scores.

They had higher scores in nearly every major physical and mental health category -- including vitality, pain, physical function, and even better overall general health.

If the study ended there, we could call it a "relationship" between the diet and good overall health.

But something else happened to prove that it's more than just a relationship -- because some of the students had dietary improvements during those four years. They starting out eating lousy foods but gradually shifted towards a Mediterranean diet.

And those who did also saw their quality-of-life scores shoot right up as their eating habits improved, according to the study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

That tells me there's a direct connection between a Mediterranean diet and overall good health -- and this isn't the first study to prove it.

There are literally hundreds out there, and they've shown that this healthy lifestyle can slash your risk of heart disease, cancer, Parkinson's disease, dementia, and more.

It can also prevent or ease asthma and allergies, improve blood pressure, and help reduce the risk of lung diseases.

More importantly, it's a realistic diet that's not as restrictive as many of the others out there. And the food's so good, you'll actually want to stick to it.

How's that for a change?