If vaccines are supposed to protect babies, they're doing a lousy job of it, according to new research of the CDC baby vaccine schedule.

The shocking truth is that babies that get the most vaccinations -- and the most shots at one time -- are actually more likely to be hospitalized and more likely to die than babies that get fewer shots, according to a new study of the FDA's own vaccine data.

For babies that get two shots, the hospitalization risk is 11 percent, according to the study of 38,801 infants. But that risk rises linearly with each shot, eventually shooting all the way up to 23.5 percent for babies that get eight shots.

Now, I realize that might sound insane to those of you who haven't been around a baby in a while. Eight shots... all at once?

It sounds insane, because it is insane -- but sadly, it's also becoming standard practice these days. The most basic CDC baby vaccine schedule calls for seven shots before the age of two months.

Not two years -- two months, and it doesn't get any easier from there.

By four months, babies are supposed to have had a dozen shots. And by six months, the total rises to 18 -- or 19, if you count the flu shot, which is also pushed the on baby vaccine schedule by that delicate age.

All that, and they're still not even close to done -- because there are five shots to go before baby gets a first taste of birthday cake.

No wonder they're ending up in the hospital.

Clearly, something has gone wrong -- and just as clearly, we're overwhelming their undeveloped immune systems with far too many inoculations given far too frequently.

But parents aren't told any of this. They're not told of the very real risks of vaccines. They're not even told that many of these shots haven't been thoroughly tested, especially these newer shots that deliver multiple vaccines at once.

Instead, they're told these shots are routine on the baby vaccine schedule and even necessary despite the fact that many of them are completely unnecessary -- while others are ineffective and some are outright dangerous.