What Spielberg didn't tell you about Abraham Lincoln

You've heard plenty about Abraham Lincoln. Perhaps no president has been the subject of as many books, films, and TV shows as The Great Emancipator.

But today, on his birthday, I want to remember him for something that most people have never heard a thing about: His support of a highly controversial branch of medicine, homeopathic medicine-- one that remains the subject of a heated debate even today.

Abraham Lincoln surrounded himself with some of his day's leading believers in homeopathic medicine, and there's even evidence he was a supporter of the practice himself.

In 1854, just a few years after the American Medical Association was created in part to stop the spread of homeopathic medicine, Abraham Lincoln was the lawyer hired to help draft a proposal to charter a homeopathic medical college.

Not just anywhere, mind you, but in Chicago -- the home of the AMA itself.

I've spoken with one of the leading experts on President Lincoln and homeopathy, and learned not only about Honest Abe's beliefs, but how homeopathic medicine saved the life of one of his cabinet members as well as a leading Civil War general -- and may have helped changed the course of history as a result.

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