Diet and exercise can reverse diabetes

The drug-free cure for diabetes

It’s one of the biggest lies in modern medicine — one repeated almost daily by doctors and health officials alike.

There is no cure for diabetes.

If you’re diabetic, I’m sure you’ve heard that one yourself more than a few times. But have you heard about the benefits of diet and exercise for diabetes?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can cure diabetes — and I can help. And not only that, but my technique isn’t radical and unproven.

It’s not even alternative medicine — because much of my approach is now backed by none other than the U.S. government, as the CDC itself has finally come out and admitted that you can cure diabetes without a single drug.

All it takes a firm commitment to serious lifestyle changes — specifically, diet and exercise.

In a new study conducted by the agency, some 4,500 obese diabetics were randomly assigned to either intense counseling with sessions every week for six months and twice a month for six months after that, or very limited counseling with just three sessions spread out over a year.

By the end of the diet and exercise study, 11.5 percent of the patients in the intensive group went into remission to the point where they were considered pre-diabetic instead of diabetic.

And 1.3 percent were completely cured.

Compare that to success rates of just 2 percent and 0.1 percent, respectively, in the other group.

But in this case, success isn’t a matter of luck. It’s in your hands.

While intensive counseling sessions help, you don’t stand a prayer of beating this disease if all you do is show up. You need to follow the advice and make serious changes to your life.

And, sadly, too many people just can’t do it — not for the long haul anyway.

But if you commit to strict diet exercise changes and have the strength to stick with it, you can take on this disease and win — and there are ways to increase your own chances of success that weren’t covered in the study.

I’ve found that severe calorie restriction in the early stages is critical — and this approach has been backed by several studies of diet and exercise. In addition, there are natural supplements that can give your body what it needs to fight back against this disease.

Another way to increase your chances for success is to take immediate action as soon as you’re diagnosed. In the CDC study, patients who were newly diagnosed had up to a 20 percent higher rate of success than those who had been battling the disease longer.

But the fact that even some of those who had been in the grips of the disease for years were still able to reverse it should tell you that it’s never too late.

So whether you’re new to the disease yourself or you’ve been dealing with it for ages, it’s time to make the changes you need to make to save yourself — because reversing diabetes means more than just cutting down on meds or fewer finger pricks.

It means reversing all the risks that come with diabetes — including heart disease and an early death.

The key here is to get help — the help of someone who has been there before. Work with a holistic physician who has experience with diabetics.