Healthy and active men have lower prostate risk

Prostate tumors are far more common than most people realize -- and many of them are harmless.

They don't need to be screened, treated, or removed.

But some tumors really can put you in a battle for your life -- and there's one easy way to help make sure you don't get one of those.

And all you have to do is get moving, staying healthy and active.

The sedentary lifestyle is a known carcinogen, and new research confirms that men who spend the most time off their feet not only have a higher risk of prostate cancer, but a higher risk of aggressive and potentially deadly tumors.

The key to making sure you're not one of them is getting between nine and 18 hours of activity a week. Not exercise (although you'll want some of that, too), but hours where you're simply up being healthy and active instead of parked in a chair.

In the new study, men with suspected prostate tumors who got this basic level of activity were 53 percent less likely to have actual tumors. And when tumors were found, they were less likely to be among the men with high-grade tumors.

The only "catch" here is that the benefit was only found among white men -- and not at all among black men. But don't let your own race, background, or gender stand in the way of fitness, because other studies have shown how everyone can benefit from staying healthy and active.

Regular exercise has been shown to slash to risk of cancers of the colon, breast, lung, and more -- and fitness can help increase your chances of survival if you do get any of these diseases.

Throw in all the other benefits of fitness -- from weight loss to heart protection -- and I'd say it's time to stop sitting and start moving.

I'll have more on another way men and women alike can slash the risk of cancer tomorrow. It's simple... it's easy... it's free... and I can guarantee you that some people won't like it.

Stay tuned!