The anti-aging antioxidant

You can't really stop the biological clock -- but you certainly can slow it down with resveratrol benefits.

Much of the damage we call "aging" is caused by oxidative stress. Fight that stress, and you can literally fight time itself.

Impossible? Not at all. That's exactly what antioxidants do -- and new research confirms the age-fighting resveratrol benefits, the antioxidant famously found in red wine.

Don't pour yourself a glass of merlot just yet. Despite the nickname, wine is actually a lousy way to get resveratrol benefits, and I'll have more on that in a moment.

First, the new study that has even the drug industry taking notice.

Harvard researchers have found that resveratrol activates SIRT1, a protein responsible for giving your cells the energy they need to fight the oxidative stress linked to aging as well as the diseases that come with age.

This isn't exactly new. But some of the earlier studies have been a little controversial.

Now that Harvard has backed it, that controversy is vanishing -- and Big Pharma is already preparing to unleash its own synthetic versions of resveratrol to use in medications.

But you don't have to wait for a drug to get resveratrol benefits. You can get it right now, and you can get it naturally -- and that brings me back to the red wine I mentioned earlier.

It's funny how the media can't even use the word "resveratrol" without mentioning that it's found in red wine.

But while that might make for great headlines, it makes for lousy medical advice -- because each glass of wine contains only a tiny fraction of the amounts of resveratrol used in studies.

Call it one more reason not to trust the media.

So forget the wine. In fact, you can forget trying to get resveratrol benefits from your diet -- because this is one case where the only way to get what you truly need is from a supplement.

And don't stop there -- because there are two other completely natural ways to boost SIRT1 production: eat less and exercise more.

Combine diet and exercise with a quality resveratrol supplement, and your biological clock will tick a little bit slower than everyone else's.

It's the next-best thing to turning back time.