Cholesterol meds in new diabetes link

Every day, tens of millions of Americans swallow cholesterol meds they've been told is good for their heart.

But this drug could cause diabetes -- a disease known to increase the risk of heart disease, worsen heart disease when it does strike, and even increase the risk of death from heart disease.

That's the exact opposite of what's good for your heart.

Yet that's exactly the risk you take when you take a statin, as new research confirms again that these cholesterol drugs may actually cause diabetes.

The biggest risk comes from one of the most popular cholesterol meds,  Lipitor, which could increase your odds of diabetes by 22 percent. Right behind that is Crestor, which may send your risk soaring by 18 percent, followed by Zocor, which could increase your diabetes risk by 10 percent, according to the study of more than half a million Canadians.

I've seen researchers and analysts dismiss the risk as small -- but I don't think there's anything small about it. In fact, the numbers in the new study mean your own odds of getting the disease from your statins could be as high as 1 in 162.

And the real risk could be even higher, since other researchers have found an even stronger link between these cholesterol meds and diabetes. One major study, for example, found that Crestor alone may increase the risk of diabetes by 27 percent.

On the other hand, the new study did find that a couple of the milder statins might actually decrease the risk of diabetes slightly. One of them is lovastatin -- worth noting because, unlike most statins, lovastatin isn't a synthetic drug at all.

It's a naturally occurring compound found in red yeast rice.

Big Pharma managed to patent it and sell it as a drug, but you can still get the real thing in supplement form (although the drug industry and its government friends have certainly tried to make it difficult for you to do so).

(Red yeast rice isn't the only naturally-occurring cholesterol fighter to sport a red coat. In fact, one study found that one red garden staple could be every bit as effective as a statin drug. Click here to find out what it is.)

If you need help with cholesterol control, try diet and exercise first. It will almost always work, and in many cases even small changes can make a big difference. If you need a little more help, natural red yeast rice supplementation is far preferable to any of the statin drugs on the market out there right now.

I'm not done with diabetes yet. I've got an easy way to slash your risk of the disease right now -- and you don't have to swallow a thing.

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