Limit red meat, limit your diabetes risk

Let’s be clear about this: Avoiding diabetes is about an entire lifestyle, not adding or removing a single ingredient.

But there are individual foods and ingredients that can increase your risk -- especially if you eat them too often. And one of those foods is something far too many Americans eat far too often: red meat.

New research on 149,000 U.S. men and women finds that increasing your consumption of red meat by an average of half a serving a day can increase your risk of type 2 diabetes by 48 percent when compared to eating less red meat.

Of course, the flipside of that is less meat means lower risk -- 14 percent lower if you cut back a little, according to the study published online by JAMA Internal Medicine.

So that’s it -- eliminate red meat, right?

Well... not quite.

Like I said earlier, this is about a lifestyle -- not a single ingredient. And if you stick to a healthy lifestyle, get regular activity and eat plenty of healthy foods, then you should feel free to enjoy red meat in moderation.

That last word is the key.

One way to keep it moderate is to pay more for it. Not more for the same meat, of course, but spend more to buy better cuts of meat -- lean cuts of organic grass-fed meat (and of course avoid processed red meats such as lunchmeats and hamburger).

It’s more than just a difference in price. It’s a difference in quality -- one you can taste, so even as you eat less, you’ll enjoy it more. And in addition to reducing your risk of diabetes, limiting your red meat intake can also help reduce your risk of everything from mood disorders to bowel problems to arthritis.

One healthy diet that allows for occasional red meat is the Mediterranean lifestyle I write to you about so often -- and along with helping to keep your waistline under control, this diet can also help slash your risk of diabetes, heart disease and more.

And the food options are so limitless (and so delicious) that you won't mind cutting back on red meat one bit.

For more on how going Mediterranean can help you get and stay healthy, read this free report.