Don't skip this meal

If you want to avoid diabetes, there are plenty of foods you should skip or limit -- like the red meat I just mentioned. But there’s one thing you should never skip, and that’s eating breakfast.

Just like mom used to say, it’s the most important meal of the day.

Eating breakfast can give you the energy you need for the morning, reduce the impulse for a 10:30 donut and even stop you from overeating during lunch.

Now, new research shows how eating breakfast can help keep your blood sugar levels under control right up through lunchtime, reducing the need for insulin and in the process reducing the risk of insulin resistance.

And ultimately, that can help slash your risk of diabetes.

In the new study, nine overweight and obese women were tracked on two separate days each: A day in which they ate a normal breakfast, and a day in which they skipped the meal entirely.

When they skipped breakfast, their glucose levels were an average of 12 percent higher after lunch.

Higher glucose levels, of course, means the body needs more insulin to convert it into energy -- and as a result, the insulin response shot up by 28 percent.

When insulin levels spike too often, you run the risk of developing insulin resistance -- and when you develop insulin resistance, you’re in the express lane for diabetes.

So it’s of course important to keeping eating breakfast. But what you eat is every bit as important -- and if you eat a McGriddle each morning, you’re not going to lower your risk of diabetes.

You’ll probably increase it.

So make sure you stick to healthy foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner alike -- and as long as you’re looking for a healthy breakfast, why not get back to basics and start with an egg?

As I told you told you recently, eggs can help you to feel fuller longer and eat less at lunch -- and you can read more about that right here.