The right time for hormone therapy

When I mention hormones to female patients, they start to get nervous. I can't say I blame them -- hormones are responsible for one of the biggest scandals in modern medicine, the hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that turned out to increase the risk of breast cancer, heart disease and more.

So it's up to me to ease their fears -- and today, I'm going to ease yours, too.

Unlike the synthetic hormones used in HRT, natural bioidentical hormones are safe and at times critical to your health. And in some cases, natural estrogen could save your life -- like after a hysterectomy, when your hormone levels plunge overnight.

Some women refer to it as "instant menopause," but in many ways a hysterectomy is worse, and not just because the hot flashes can be more frequent and more intense.

The estrogen plunge can also increase your risk of heart attack and breast cancer.

But here in the post-HRT world, women often refuse estrogen -- a decision that could cost them their lives. One new study finds that roughly 50,000 women have died needlessly of heart attack and breast cancer over the past decade because they weren't given estrogen after a hysterectomy.

This to me should be as big a scandal as the original HRT story -- because none of those women should have died. Their doctors should have done a better job of explaining to them what I explain to my own patients: that the studies on HRT did not apply to estrogen-only therapy, they didn't apply to women who've had a hysterectomy and they didn't apply to natural bioidentical hormones.

On top of that, we have years of research on bioidentical hormones -- including both estrogen and progesterone -- and all the studies show that they are completely safe when used appropriately.

There's a reason for this.

The synthetic drugs used in HRT are not quite the same as what's in your body -- and as a result, they're not used in the same way. They're a little off... and when something's off in the body, you face big risks.

Natural bioidentical hormones, on the other hand, are a perfect match -- identical to what's in your body, so they blend in seamlessly.

For a woman struggling to get through menopause, it could be the difference between comfort and misery. And for a woman fighting back after a hysterectomy, it could be the difference between life and death.

If you think you might benefit from hormone therapy, speak to a holistic doctor. And if you're in Southern California, you're in luck -- because I'm proud to say I have the most advanced hormone testing and treatment program around.

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