Mixed meds leads to memory loss

There's a brain-eating creature on the loose, and it's not the type you'll find on the big screen at your local movie theater.

Nope, this monster is real -- and odds are, it's in your home right now.

Common medications come with brain-robbing side effects -- including memory loss so severe your own doctor might think it's dementia.

I'm sure you already know a little about this, and maybe even the names of some of the drugs you should avoid. But it's not as simple as watching out for a single bad drug -- because any combination of common meds can actually do the job.

And it doesn't take much, either.

Just three drugs -- it almost doesn't matter what they are -- can kill essential brain cells, especially the gray matter so critical to daily function, according to a new study on memory loss.

The more drugs you take, the more gray matter you lose. And the more gray matter you lose, the higher your risk of cognitive decline, dementia and even Alzheimer's disease.

It's time to put a stop to this senseless slaughter of brain cells -- because many of the drugs seniors take each day are redundant and in some cases completely unnecessary.

Seniors often see multiple doctors and specialists at the same time, and one doesn't always know what the other is doing -- even when you tell them, even when you bring a copy of your records and even when those records are computerized.

In addition, many of the drugs seniors take can be replaced by safe and effective natural alternatives and/or lifestyle changes. And many others aren't even needed at all.

A holistic doctor can help go through your medications and decide what you really need, what you don't and what can be replaced by those natural alternatives.

Even if you don't think you're suffering any side effects or memory loss, you might be surprised at how much better -- and how much sharper -- you feel when you aren't on so many meds.