Don't touch that statin!

Ladies, your doctor will swear up and down that statins are safe. He'll tell you the risks are overblown. And he'll insist that you need the drugs to lower your cholesterol levels.

How can I put this gently? He's lying.

Statins are most certainly unsafe, and new research shows how they're especially dangerous for women, increasing the risk factors for breast cancer by double or more.

The risk kicks in after a decade of use -- which is no time at all, really, when you consider that many women are given the drugs in middle age and expected to take them for life.

But once you hit that 10-year mark, the risks factors for breast cancer begin to climb, starting with your risk of invasive ductal carcinoma. That's the most common form of breast cancer, and statins could raise your risk of getting it by 83 percent -- and by more than 200 percent if you have high cholesterol.

Statins may also increase your odds of invasive lobular carcinoma by 97 percent -- and by a stunning 243 percent in statin users with high cholesterol.

If these were the only risks of statin drugs, I'd say they're reason enough to stop taking them.

But they're not.

They're not even the only cancers risk linked to these drugs -- because the low cholesterol levels caused by statin drugs can actually increase your risk of blood cancer.

Statins are also linked to diabetes -- a risk in men and women alike, but a risk that's higher in women and highest of all in older women. Yes, the very same women who are facing  increased risk factors for cancer thanks to these drugs.

It's like one risk after another, and that's just the short list -- because statin use could also lead to severe and even debilitating muscle pain, sexual dysfunction, memory loss and more.

Those are risks you just don't have to face, because there's a good chance you don't even need the drugs in the first place.

Mainstream cholesterol targets are set low -- unreasonably low, if you ask me, and many cases of so-called "high" cholesterol are actually ideal. And if your cholesterol levels climb so high that you do need to bring them down, there are safe and natural ways to get the job done without drugs so you can avoid all risks. especially risk factors for breast cancer.

A holistic doctor can help you out with a plan designed specifically for you.