Diabetes leads to physical disabilities

Diabetes is more than just a bunch of bad numbers from your blood sugar readings.

It's more than just a pancreas that's given up and stopped working.

It's more than just a disease that strikes on the inside -- because diabetes can do crippling damage to you on the outside. So much damage, that new numbers show it could boost your risk of physical disabilities by up to 80 percent.

These physical disabilities aren't minor inconveniences.

They're serious functional problems -- physical disabilities that can wreak your independence and stop you from doing everyday normal tasks including bathing, driving or even eating by yourself.

Some of the damage is undoubtedly due to constant high blood sugar levels, which can damage muscle, leaving you crippled and weak.

Diabetes is also a leading cause of blindness.

And diabetes can also increase your risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney failure -- and any one of those conditions can cause life-altering (not to mention life-ruining) physical disabilities.

If you're not diabetic, this is just one more reason to ensure you don't get the disease -- and the best way to do that is through diet, exercise and tight control of your blood sugar levels.

If you've let yourself go -- even if you're in a state of pre-diabetes -- it's not too late to take the action that can save yourself and prevent a life of disease and disability.

You can start by losing some weight

As I told you just last week, even a little bit of weight loss can go a long way towards preventing diabetes, and you can read more about that right here.

And if you already have diabetes, there's still hope.

A holistic doctor can help you take control of the disease and even reverse it -- and if you're in Southern California, I can help. Contact my clinic at 855-DOC-MARK for more information, to make an appointment, or to set up a telephone consultation.