Fruit beats bladder cancer

They say cancer doesn't discriminate, but that's not really true. Some cancers strike younger people... while others hit with age. Some cancers are more common in women... while others hit men harder.

Bladder cancer is one of the forms of disease that can strike nearly anyone, but signs of bladder cancer are more common in older people and deadlier in women.

And if you're a woman -- especially an older woman -- I've got some news today that can turn the tables and bring that risk back down, and all you have to do is eat more fruits and vegetables.

More specifically, you want to look for the yellow and orange stuff -- bananas and oranges, of course, as well peppers, squash, carrots, melons, sweet potatoes and more.

A diet rich in these fruits and veggies will cut your risk of showing signs of bladder cancer in half, according to the latest research.

The secret is in the nutrients -- specifically the antioxidants found in fresh produce. In fact, women with the highest intake of the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E also have the same reduced risk for signs of bladder cancer, according to the new study.

That's not a coincidence -- that's the power of antioxidants at work.

If there's any downside here, it's that the study finds no reduction in risk for men -- but don't use that as an excuse to pass on the produce.

These same nutrients can help protect you in so many other ways than just reducing signs of bladder cancer.

Don't limit yourself to the yellows and oranges. Everyone loves a rainbow, right? Make one on your table and include produce in every color, as they're all rich in different -- and essential -- nutrients.

And as I have explained before, a little extra fruit of any color can even help slash your risk of diabetes.