The best way to beat osteoarthritis

If you've got osteoarthritis of the knees, I've got solutions -- solutions that can ease your aches and pains without drugs or surgery.

Solutions that really work.

But the best solution of all isn't something I or any other doctor can do for you.

It's something you can do for yourself: lose a little body weight.

I've seen the difference weight loss makes in my own arthritis patients, and new research confirms it can work for you, too -- and if you're ready to give it a try, the magic number for maximum relief is 10.

That's 10, as in 10 percent of your body weight. If you're overweight or obese and lose 10 percent of your body weight -- plus get a little exercise three times a week -- you could feel so good that you might even forget you have osteoarthritis.

You'll enjoy less pain and inflammation, greater mobility, improvements in function and even a boost to your overall quality of life, according to the study of 454 overweight and obese patients battling knee osteoarthritis.

There's not a drug in the world that could do all that for you at once.

The exercise sessions in the study involved 15 minutes of walking, 20 minutes of light strength training and then another 15 minutes of walking -- but I'd bet you'd get the same results with any other form of light activity.

The key is to pick something you enjoy, and stick to it.

And while 10 percent is a great start for losing body weight, don't stop there. Keep going until you reach a healthy BMI, because any extra body weight at all can put a strain on your knees and speed the damage of osteoarthritis.

Losing those extra pounds, on the other hand, will slow that damage and maybe even stop it completely. And if you don't have osteoarthritis -- yet -- weight loss can help make sure you never have to learn just how bad it feels.

Throw in the fact that weight loss and exercise can also prevent or reverse diabetes, dementia, heart disease and more and even help you to reduce or eliminate your meds, and I don't see a downside to this.

But if you need another reason to stop putting off that diet and get started today, I've got a big one coming up next. It's a cure for a condition you might not even know you have... but could kill you just the same.

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