The truth about flu shots

Flu season is here, and now's the time to work on flu prevention. But it's still too early to tell if it'll be a "good" one where almost no one gets sick or a "bad" one with the potential to kill thousands -- and far too early to tell which flu strains will be dominant.

And if you think it's early now, imagine being asked to figure it all out nearly a year ago.

All you could do is guess -- maybe put the names of all the possible flu strains on the wall, and toss a few darts at it.

And believe it or not, that's pretty much how flu shots are created for flu prevention: researchers guess nearly a year ahead of time, and the vaccine is developed based on that pie-in-the sky supposition.

Maybe instead of guesses, they should develop the shot with fairy dust and wishes. It would be nearly as effective for flu prevention, because the government's own numbers show the "guess shot" offers almost no protection at all.

Even worse, the vaccine can actually increase your risk of getting more powerful and potentially deadly strains of the flu.

But it's one thing to tell you about all the spin, distortions, exaggerations and the outright lies about the flu shot.

It's quite another to show you -- and today, I'm going to do just that.

My friends at NorthStar have taken the government's own numbers -- the very same numbers I've been sharing with you -- and turned them into a powerful and shocking image that shows just how futile the flu shot really is at flu prevention.

You can see it right here.

As far as I'm concerned, doctors should take the flu shot posters off their walls and replace it with this image -- but since that's not likely to happen anytime soon, feel free to print it out, share it with your friends and post it on Facebook.

But you'd better hurry up. When the feds get wind of this, you can bet they'll do their best to force us to yank it down.

PS: The shot won't protect you -- but your own immune system will, especially if you give it what it needs to fight the flu and win. I had all the secrets to avoiding the flu in the December 2012 issue of my Health Revelations newsletter -- and unlike the shot, these time-tested remedies don't change from year to year and are proven to help with flu prevention.

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