The dangers of e-cigs

If you're starting the year off with a promise to quit smoking, you're starting the year off right. But if you think "e-cigs" will help, you may have the right idea... but you've got the wrong approach.

Despite what the marketing might lead you to believe, electronic cigarettes haven't been proven to be safer than regular cigarettes -- and they haven't been proven to help people quit.

According to new research on the dangers of e-cigs, they might actually be more addictive and more risky.

Turns out that when people puff on an e-cig they inhale more deeply and puff more frequently than they do when they smoke normal cigarettes, according to the study conducted by researchers from New York University.

That means more nicotine... and more chemicals.

And that's not the only way e-cigs could be worse for you.

Unlike normal cigarettes, which burn out and require you to light another one to keep smoking, e-cigs can keep going and going. A single cartridge has about as many puffs as two to three packs of cigarettes.

But since you never have to stop to pull out another cigarette and relight, you may not realize how much you're smoking taking in more nicotine which is one of the dangers of e-cigs.

E-cigs may not even be as safe for bystanders as advertised. While the makers claim e-cig emissions are harmless water vapor, a second new study shows these clouds still contain potentially harmful levels of nicotine.

The best way to quit smoking isn't with e-cigs, and it's certainly not with drugs. Smoking cessation drugs come with risks ranging from weird dreams to dangerous, violent and even suicidal behavior. (Get the ugly truth here.)

Instead, go cold turkey -- the one approach with the highest long-term success rate.

If you need a little help, don't turn to nicotine patches and gums. Try acupuncture and hypnosis, both of which have been shown to help ease the cravings and improve your chances for success.