Quit smoking cigarettes, boost your mood

When I ask patients who smoke why they continue with a habit they know is so bad for them, there's one answer I hear more than any other.

"It makes me feel good," they say.

Many smokers believe smoking cigarettes helps them to relax, fight stress and enjoy a better mood, but it's just not true.

Smoking actually does just the opposite. And if you feel a little lift when you light up, it's not because the cigarette is relaxing you or enhancing your mood.

It's because it's calming the nicotine craving the habit caused in the first place.

Now, a new review of 26 studies confirms that once you manage to break free of that addiction, you'll enjoy less stress, lower levels of anxiety, a sunnier mood and even a better overall quality of life.

It's as if a cloud has been lifted -- and I guess in a way it has. You've finally cut through the haze of tobacco smoke and can get back to enjoying life naturally and without the struggles and cravings caused by your addiction.

Of course, a mood boost isn't the only reason to quit. It's not even the best reason -- because smoking cigarettes can cause heart attack, stroke, lung cancer and oral cancers. It's also responsible for gum damage, rotting teeth, chronic bad breath and no shortage of social problems (especially if you smell like cigarette smoke all the time).

Quit, and quit now. Once you give up, your body starts to undo the damage of smoking cigarettes, reversing even years of damage and helping to restore your vital organs, even your heart and lungs.

You can learn more about your body's amazing capacity to heal itself in this free report from my House Calls archives.