Chronic strees the part of allergies that's within your control

Spring is in the air, and with it comes everything else -- and not just baseball and barbecues. Pollen and other allergens are also out in force, turning spring into allergy season for tens of millions of Americans.

But it's not just what's floating around in the air that's making you miserable.

No, there's another factor that could be contributing to your sniffles, sneezes, coughs and wheezes -- and it's something that could be inside you right now.

It's stress, as new research finds that chronic stress can worsen allergy symptoms and lead to more flare-ups. And along with stress, being in a lousy mood will also boost the number of flare-ups, according to the study in Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.

So if you want to get control of your allergies, you can start by getting a handle on your chronic stress and improving your mood.

But don't stop there.

Tell your doc about your allergies, and he'll almost certainly recommend allergy meds -- drugs that can leave you feeling sleepy and loopy. And in many cases, you can build a tolerance to them, so even when they work, they don't work for long.

There are much better ways to fight off allergies, including safe, effective and completely natural remedies that can ease or even eliminate the symptoms.

Start with butterbur supplements, which have been proven in studies to work about as well as common allergy drugs, but without side effects such as sleepiness.

Then, work with a holistic medical doctor on a natural program to desensitize you to the very allergens causing your misery.

You own cure will depend on finding that cause.

Here at my clinic for example, I treat classic hay fever symptoms such as sneezing and runny nose with the homeopathic remedies allium cepa and/or nux vomica. And for symptoms more in the eyes, try euphrasia, a homeopathic remedy made from the eyebright plant.

There's also one more up-and-coming solution and you're not going to believe how simple it is. I'll have the full story on this encouraging allergy cure in an upcoming issue of my subscription newsletter, Health Revelations.

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