Say "No!" to an early date with death

So many people refuse to make the dietary changes we all know are so healthy --changes even they know they should make. And if you ask them why, they shrug and say something like "you've got to die of something, right?"

If you've ever uttered something like that yourself, there's a new study out that I hope will change your tune, because it proves once and for all that while we'll all die of "something" eventually, having a diet and exercise plan can help put that date with death off for years.

Researchers in China put 438 patients at risk of diabetes on a diet to help them lose weight and an exercise program, then kept watch over a second group of 138 patients who were told to make no changes.

They were all tracked for up to nearly 30 years -- and in that time, 20 percent of the patients who made no changes died of heart problems, versus 12 percent of those who ate better and got more exercise.

That, to me, is enough of a reason to get motivated and get moving.

But the study finds a good diet won't just protect your heart. It can also protect everything else, slashing the risk that you'll die "of something."

Over the three-decade study, 38 percent of the patients who made no changes died "of something," versus just 28 percent of the patients on the diet and exercise plan.

It doesn't take much to get started. Exercise can be as simple as a brisk walk, jog or light run or an active hobby such as tennis, dancing or hiking.

And if you want in on the world's best diet, go Mediterranean. Not only is the diet packed with many of the foods you already love (including chocolate), but it's also proven to help you to lose weight, protect the heart and prevent a stroke.

It's been backed by study after study, and the latest research shows it can even help prevent diabetes.

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And if you need a little more help, I can customize a diet and exercise plan that's guaranteed to help you to eat better, move more, lose weight and slash your risk of major disease.

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