Real answers for erection problems

I don't know about you, but I reach for the remote control every time a commercial for sex drugs comes on the air (especially when my kids are in the room).

If there's an upside to the ads, it's that men are no longer too embarrassed to ask their doctors about erectile dysfunction.

The downside? They're usually given the wrong answer!

Tell a mainstream doctor you're having problems "down there" and he'll almost always respond with a prescription for sex drugs such as Viagra, despite the fact that those meds come with major risks and are usually completely unnecessary.

Now, new research confirms what I tell my own patients: You can ease or even completely cure erection problems without sex drugs or even without supplements in many cases.

All you have to do is make five key lifestyle changes:

  1. Lose some weight
  2. Make better food choices
  3. Be more active
  4. Drink little to no booze
  5. Sleep better

Now, those are good changes for anyone to make, because they can help you in so many ways. They can improve your overall health and help prevent or reverse chronic disease such as heart disease, dementia, diabetes and more.

But they're especially important to sexual function.

These changes can help boost your overall circulatory system. If you have good blood flow, you can more easily get an erection. And if you don't... well, good luck.

You're going to need it in the bedroom.

But while the advice in the Journal of Sexual Medicine is a great starting point, many men need a little more help.

And that doesn't mean drugs or their side effects.

The amino acid L-arginine, for example, can help improve blood flow -- including the flow of blood to where it's needed most for bedroom performance.

Ginkgo biloba is another great choice. In one study, low doses of 60 mg a day restored sexual function in half of the impotent men who tried it. Higher doses of between 180 mg and 240 mg a day will often bring even better results.

Other natural options include ginseng, low doses of zinc and in some cases natural hormone therapies.

Speak to a holistic physician for more help.