Don't touch that aspirin!

It's been dubbed the "wonder drug," a cheap tablet that can supposedly prevent heart attacks, and it's used by so many that you almost certainly know someone taking it right now.

Maybe you're even taking it yourself.

But "aspirin therapy," as it's known, isn't very therapeutic at all. It's actually quite dangerous, with mainstream science showing that it hurts far more often than it helps.

I was once dismissed as "radical" for getting my own patients off aspirin therapy and onto safe and proven forms of heart protection. But now, my "radical" views have been affirmed by the FDA, because the agency has just admitted that aspirin for primary prevention is a dangerous myth.

Primary prevention is the prevention of a first heart attack -- protection for those who are at risk or even people who are simply concerned that they may be at risk -- and it's why so many doctors urge everyone over the age of 40 to start popping the pills.

Hopefully, that will come crashing to a halt now, because the FDA has finally acknowledged to same science I've been telling you about.

One study last year, for example, found that you're twice as likely to be hurt by aspirin than helped -- because aspirin therapy can cause serious and even potentially deadly internal bleeding, especially in the stomach or brain.

The new advice isn't perfect. This is the FDA we're talking about, after all, and they still recommend daily aspirin to people who've already had a heart attack -- but I think even that's much too risky for most patients.

Along with causing serious and potentially deadly internal bleeding, regular aspirin use has been linked to hearing and vision loss, allergic reactions, sexual dysfunction and more.

It's so dangerous that if you're on aspirin now, you might be tempted to stop, and I don't blame you.

But don't -- because stopping suddenly could cause "aspirin rebound," which can actually increase the risk of the very heart attack you're trying to avoid.

Instead, work with a doctor who can safely wean you off the drug and onto natural options for heart protection, including fish oil, magnesium and coenzyme Q10.

If you're in Southern California, you can make an appointment to see me at my clinic outside San Diego. I can go over your medical history, run some tests and together we can determine the best way to protect your ticker, whether you've already had a heart attack or just want to make sure you avoid one.

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