How a belly full of good bacteria can beat the common cold

If you've ever been to my clinic in the San Diego area, then you've probably heard my speech about the importance of a quality probiotic supplement.

I believe that just about everyone needs to be taking one, and I take one myself.

Now, new research confirms just one of the many benefits I've spoken to my patients about: Probiotics can help beat the common cold.

Probiotic supplements with strains of Lactobacillus and/or Bifidobacterium bacteria, taken when sick, lead to fewer days ill per year and fewer missed days of school or work.

Overall, probiotics will shorten the duration of the average cold by about a day when compared to a placebo, according to the review of 12 studies published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

But other studies have found an even bigger benefit -- with one showing how probiotics can actually lop two days off the average six-day cold, reducing the time spent sniffling and sneezing by a third.

The only thing better than reducing the duration of your cold by a day or two is not getting sick in the first place -- and probiotics can help there, too, because studies have shown they can help boost your immune system so you're better able to fight off both bacterial and viral illnesses.

And that includes common respiratory infections.

Fact is, I rarely get sick despite being exposed to viruses all the time at work -- and I believe my daily probiotic plays a big role in that.

But don't stop with a probiotic.

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