Adrenal Performance Plus adrenal supportMaybe you’re feeling a bit run down these days...tired, grumpy or stressed in a way that you don’t like, or doesn’t seem to make sense. The symptoms you’ve been noticing probably aren’t all in your head. And with proper adrenal support, you could boost your energy levels, along with improving your mood, joint stiffness, headaches, sleep patterns, and much more.  The ingredients in Adrenal Performance Plus could turn your whole life around.

Adrenal Performance Plus was specifically formulated by Dr. Mark Stengler, based on decades of experiencing helping patients – people just like you – who may have felt…

  • Tired, no matter how much sleep you get at night
  • Unable to get to sleep, even though you’ve felt tired all day
  • Moody and irritable, for no reason at all
  • Unable to focus or forgetful

These symptoms can be managed, because you know what they are now – they could all be signs that your adrenal glands are tired. Worn out. Pooped. (To learn more about adrenal fatigue, click here.)

And with the right adrenal support ingredients, you could experience a dramatic turnaround in your health, energy and well-being.

Adrenal Performance Plus Ingredients:  The Support Your Adrenals Need

You’ve probably heard of the fight-or-flight response – when are faced with a threat, emergency, or high level stress, our bodies flood with adrenaline so that we can either fight off the attack, or flee from it. Once the emergency is over and we’re safe, our bodies relax, recover, and recuperate. That flood of adrenaline is caused by the adrenal glands kicking into high gear.

The problem is that these days, our bodies – and our adrenal glands – think we’re in a constant state of emergency. Physiologically, we don’t know the difference between the daily stresses that never let up and the physical stress of being caught in an avalanche. Our bodies respond the same way. When the avalanche is over and we’ve made it to safety, our adrenal glands get that chance to relax.

But the daily stresses that make up our modern lives never completely go away. Our adrenal glands never get to completely relax. And that’s why they’re exhausted and you’re constantly tired. With Adrenal Performance Plus, it doesn’t have to be this way. Your adrenal glands can get the support and the rest they need. Wouldn’t you like to…

  • Have more energy…
  • Remember where you left the keys…
  • Stay calm instead of getting wound up and angry…
  • Get a full night’s sleep and wake feeling rested and ready to face the day

That’s what Dr. Stengler can help you achieve, with Adrenal Performance Plus adrenal support supplements.

So what makes the Adrenal Performance Plus ingredients work so well? Dr. Stengler’s specialized formula…

Adrenal Performance Plus Ingredients:  Building Blocks for Healthy Adrenals

Ashwagandha – Dr. Stengler started with one of the most comprehensive herbs nature has to offer, Ashwagandha. Studies have indicated that this Indian herb can help relieve fatigue, promote mental clarity, and even enhance balanced energy levels, helping you sail through your day. You’ve probably heard of cortisol…it’s the hormone that’s released by your adrenal glands when you’re stressed. Ashwagandha actually reduces serum cortisol levels by breathtaking amounts.

But Dr. Stengler didn’t settle for just any ashwagandha. No, in order for it to be one of the Adrenal Performance Plus ingredients, he demanded the exact type of ashwagandha extract that was used by these researchers and he demanded it in the exact same amounts. So you are getting exactly what delivered such amazing results in clinical trials.

Rhodiola rosea extract – A botanical extract that packs a punch, rhodiola rosea extract works like nobody’s business to help boost energy levels and enhance mental ability. In a double-blind study of doctors working the night shift, rhodiola rosea extract showed “statistically significant improvement” on the doctors’ levels of stress-related fatigue. That study alone would have been enough to include rhodiola rosea extract in the Adrenal Performance Plus ingredient formula.

But the studies didn’t stop there – in yet another randomized, double blind, placebo controlled study on participants’ mental ability during periods of stress and fatigue, this amazing botanical showed a “highly significant” difference between the people taking it and people on the placebo. And in case you still want more evidence, in a study on students during exams, both physical fitness and mental fatigue caused by stress were improved after 20 days of using rhodiola rosea. In fact, not only were those results measured, but the students themselves reported simply feeling better!

Adrenal Performance Plus Ingredients: The “Stress Vitamins”

Panthotenic Acid/Vitamin B-5 – Also known as panthotenic acid, vitamin B-5 is found in healthy adrenal glands and plays a part in how our bodies utilize energy. It’s vital in the production of the stress-related hormones that the adrenal glands exude when they are active, so it’s believed to be useful in protecting the body against mental and physical sources of stress. In fact, in animal studies, a vitamin B-5 deficiency has actually been shown to be damaging to the adrenal glands.

Vitamin B 12 – This multi-purpose vitamin is essential to the healthy functioning of the body, and yet it can’t be made by the body. That’s why we have to get the proper amounts in our food or through supplements. And a deficiency can be problematic, causing tiredness, depression, confusion, poor memory, and more. Yet it’s harder to get into our systems as we get older. In fact, one study estimates more than 3% of adults over age 50 have a serious B-12 deficiency, and up to 20% may be borderline deficient.

Since both of these vitamins are essential to energy production, Dr. Stengler makes sure you’re getting the right amounts of each of them in his Adrenal Performance Plus ingredients formula.

Adrenal Performance Plus Ingredients:  Proprietary Energy Blend

Eleutherococcus Senticosus extract – For years, Dr. Stengler saw patients come into his clinic tired and run down.  During his research, Dr. Stengler discovered that eleutherococcus senticosus extract had been used for years by Russian cosmonauts to keep up their energy reserves. He was able to replicate the results in his own patients. You’ll find that same extract, in the exact amounts he has seen work so well on clinic patients in Adrenal Performance Plus. And now, his web “patients” are as satisfied as his clinic patients ever were! Just listen to these rave Adrenal Performance Plus customer reviews.

3 Supercharged Antioxidants

Acai extract powder – Oxidative stress can cause the body not to manage stress as well as it could. Harnessing the antioxidant power of the acai berry, this powdered extract has taken on oxidative stress in animal trials and won, actually improving the indicators of oxidative stress in the animals.

Pomegranate fruit extract – Drinking pomegranate juice helped reduce oxidative stress in healthy males. Imagine what it can do for adrenal fatigue!

Goji extract powder – What doesn’t goji juice do!? In one study, drinking goji juice “increased ratings for energy level, athletic performance, quality of sleep, ease of awakening, ability to focus on activities, mental acuity, calmness, and feelings of health, contentment, and happiness.” Also, it “significantly reduced fatigue and stress.”

Dr. Stengler wanted the benefits of these 3 fruits in his formula, but didn’t want all the added sugar, which can strain and tire the adrenal glands. So, he developed extracts of each, ensuring you get all the advantages of their antioxidant power within the Adrenal Performance Plus ingredients, and none of the pitfalls.

Adrenal Performance Plus Ingredients:  The  Secret to Boundless Energy

These 8 superstar ingredients come together in perfect balance in Adrenal Performance Plus – the only fatigue-fighting formula you may ever need. All for an unbeatable price. Check out this article on the cost of the Adrenal Performance Plus and you’ll see what a true value this adrenal support formula is.

And, if you don’t give its performance an A+, if you are dissatisfied in any way with how the Adrenal Performance Plus ingredients work for you, simply return the bottles, every single one, even the empties, and we will refund the entire purchase price of your order. This may be the easiest decision you make all day.

Adrenal Performance Plus gives you the nutrients to help keep your adrenals fired up so you stay energized and feel great ALL DAY LONG with 100% natural energy.

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