While Indian gooseberry may sound like something from a children’s story, it’s actually a sophisticated ingredient that we’re very excited about. That’s why Dr. Mark Stengler made sure to add it to his cutting-edge heart formula, Provicor. Dr. Stengler’s Provicor heart health supplements take on every marker of heart health, and Indian gooseberry leads the way.Indian gooseberry extract

What Is Indian Gooseberry?

Indian gooseberry is a tree fruit that grows in India, throughout Asia, and in the Middle East. It’s bitter to the taste and extremely sour, but has been used for centuries in traditional medicines to address many physical conditions. In India, it is considered to be a “hridya” which means it nourishes the heart, blood, and circulation. Known most widely in the West as a powerful antioxidant, it has 3,000 mg of Vitamin C – that’s 20 times the amount found in an orange.

Indian Gooseberry and Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress can contribute to general weakening of the cardiovascular system. When the body can’t combat oxidative stress, it can wear away at the strength of our cells, our organs, every system in our body. Yet, in a study of patients with blood sugar concerns, the addition of Indian gooseberry actually provided significant improvement in all the indicators of oxidative stress and supported a healthy inflammatory response when compared with baseline and placebo. In fact, research indicates Indian gooseberry may actually support the heart itself.

Indian Gooseberry and Your Healthy Arteries

It’s not just oxidative stress that Indian gooseberry can handle. Indian gooseberry can be effective in helping you maintain strong, clear arteries. A small four week pilot study on young men out of India showed a significant positive change in arterial health, thanks to Indian gooseberry. And the Indian gooseberry showed arterial improvement when compared to a placebo, as well. Healthy arteries mean healthier cardiovascular systems.

Early Studies of Indian Gooseberry

Like many supplements, Indian gooseberry was first tested on animals – and those results were very encouraging.  Scientists created metabolic syndrome in rats, inducing high cholesterol levels by feeding them high fructose syrup. But when they researchers added Indian gooseberry to the rats’ diets, the total cholesterol levels were reduced significantly. These results were encouraging enough to warrant further studies in humans. .

Indian Gooseberry Stands Up to Human Clinical Studies

As expected, centuries of traditional medicine held up human clinical studies. In 3 separate studies, participants showed a notable improvement in total cholesterol numbers. In fact, the “good” cholesterol (HDL) levels went up, while the “bad” cholesterol (LDL) levels went down.

But it gets even getter.  These same studies also looked at triglycerides. High levels of triglycerides are worrisome because they can indicate a heightened risk of stroke. But guess what? Indian gooseberry didn’t just maintain triglyceride levels – Indian gooseberry showed improvements in triglycerides. And in only 3 months! Six months later, Indian gooseberry showed an even greater improvement.

Indian Gooseberry – Funny Name, Amazing Results

Many supplements and nutrients claim to address one or two areas of heart concerns. But Indian gooseberry offers so much more than that. Indian gooseberry can help give you …

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