Thyroid Performance Plus Supplement If you’re feeling fat, sluggish and worn out, you may not need another diet, another cup of coffee, or another fad - you may just need Thyroid Performance Plus.

We know, it goes against conventional wisdom, but thinking outside the box is what Dr. Mark Stengler does – and he’s done it again with the Thyroid Performance Plus ingredient formula that could help improve how you look and feel, no matter how long it’s been. Imagine…

  • Waking up every morning alert, happy and eager to face the day…
  • Staying sharp and focused from sunup to sundown...
  • Diet and exercise efforts seemingly magnified by some unseen force, helping the pounds to melt away...
  • Having your friends say you’re sparkling with energy and confidence…

Because all this could happen when your thyroid gets the functional support it craves.

How the Thyroid Works

In order for you to understand how valuable the Thyroid Performance Plus ingredients truly are, it helps to understand the thyroid gland – and why it may be the reason you’re feeling sluggish.

The thyroid is a small gland located in the neck. It creates thyroid hormones that are essential to help the body create energy, stay warm, keep vital organs functioning properly… thyroid hormones impact just about every system in our bodies! People whose thyroids aren’t working efficiently may sometimes experience…

  • General loss of energy and power
  • Slowed metabolism
  • Lethargy
  • Difficulties concentrating

Sound familiar?

If so, keep reading, because Dr. Stengler’s Thyroid Performance Plus ingredients just may be what you’re looking for…

Thyroid Performance Plus Ingredients – Iodine

Iodine isn't very sexy. In fact, it’s pretty mundane. After all, we’re talking about the same stuff you find in some table salt. But iodine is the cornerstone of the Thyroid Performance Plus ingredients formula.

For as unexciting as iodine may seem from the outside, when it comes to thyroid support, there is no mineral more important. See, in order to create the thyroid hormone we talked about earlier, the thyroid gland must have proper amounts of iodine. The hormone is made of iodine!

But the human body cannot create iodine on its own – we have to get it from food and supplements. And if your body doesn’t have the right amount of iodine, it cannot make the right amount of thyroid hormone – that same hormone that is essential to a healthy functioning body.

So it would make sense that every multivitamin on the market would have iodine, right?


Only about half of the multivitamins in the US include iodine. But Dr. Stengler sets his sights and his standards, high – so the very first Thyroid Performance Plus ingredient is iodine.

Thyroid Performance Plus Ingredients – L-Tyrosine

Just as most people have heard of iodine, most people haven’t heard of L-tyrosine – but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important Thyroid Performance Plus ingredient. L-tyrosine is an amino acid that actually combines with the iodine in our bodies to create thyroid hormones.

But that’s not all L-tyrosine does...

According to research, people who take L-tyrosine are happier and more mentally alert. Think about that for a moment. A healthier, more efficient body, because your thyroid is supported. A more joyful outlook on life. Less “brain fog” and fewer “senior moments”. So, it helps our bodies create an essential hormone, and makes us happier.

Now it’s easy to understand why L-tyrosine is a Thyroid Performance Plus ingredient!

Thyroid Performance Plus Ingredients - Forskohlii Root Extract

We know you’re probably thinking “forskohlii root extract…what is that?”

The other ingredients in the formula are designed to fuel and support the thyroid gland. But forskohlii root extract does a little extra.

Think of it like this - forskohlii root extract “communicates” with your thyroid in two ways:

1. It “sparks” your thyroid, giving it the signal to actually use all those hormones

2. It boosts a “magic enzyme” called adenylate cyclase that directly supports the fat burning process.

And what do those two functions mean for you?

It could mean fast-tracking your diet schedule…losing even more weight than with diet and exercise alone…and feeling energized every single day.

Thyroid Performance Plus Ingredients – The Trace Minerals

Dr. Stengler created the ultimate “mineral cocktail” in his Thyroid Performance Plus ingredients:

  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Copper

All three of these trace minerals play an essential role in the production of thyroid hormones.

The links between the need for selenium and a healthy thyroid are growing with almost every study.  The right combination of copper and zinc nourish the thyroid – and Dr. Stengler has made sure that exact ratio is the one you will find in Thyroid Performance Plus. In fact, zinc is so important to a healthily functioning thyroid that a zinc deficiency can cause your thyroid to misbehave, but a misbehaving thyroid can cause a zinc deficiency.

When you put these three minerals together – in the amounts designed by Dr. Stengler – you get a powerhouse combination that can “charge up” your thyroid, giving it the fuel it needs to perform at its peak.

Thyroid Performance Plus Ingredients – Ashwagandha

You may have heard of ashwagandha as a way to support your adrenal glands and are wondering why it’s one of the Thyroid Performance Plus ingredients.

Here’s a little secret: the adrenal glands are connected to thyroid gland, through the endocrine system.

The odds are good that if you’re sluggish, lethargic, and have no energy because your thyroid is exhausted, then your adrenal glands are just as tired. So Dr. Stengler included his top notch adrenal support supplement in his thyroid support formula, just to make sure your body is firing on all cylinders, giving you the energy and enthusiasm you need to get through your day.

After years of seeing his patients come in tired, sluggish, unable to lose weight, and generally unhealthy, Dr. Stengler decided to do something about it. His personal experience led him to what is now his Thyroid Performance Plus ingredient formula – everything you need to help support your thyroid glands, help stay healthy, energized, and help boost your metabolism, all in a single supplement.

And if you aren't blown away by the results – the energy, the stamina, the metabolism boost, the mental clarity – then Dr. Stengler still has you covered. Covered by his Anytime Guarantee. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, simply return your whole order, every bottle of Thyroid Performance Plus you bought, and we’ll refund the entire purchase price.

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