Testosterone proven safe, can protect the heart

For a middle-aged man or older, it's practically a miracle: a simple safe and effective way to reverse some of most negative signs of aging.

It can restore energy, increase muscle, help you to lose the spare tire around your middle and lift your mood.

And perhaps most importantly of all, it can work wonders in the bedroom.

It's natural testosterone replacement, backed by decades of sound research. What's more, I see the results here in my clinic all the time as many of my male patients have enjoyed the life-changing benefits of natural testosterone therapy.

And earlier this year, more than a few of them began calling my clinic in a panic after a study made headlines by claiming that testosterone treatments can increase the risk of a heart attack.

I told all my patients not to worry, testosterone's been proven safe repeatedly. I even predicted that the very next study to come out would confirm that it's perfectly safe.

Now, that study is here. It backs everything I've said and more -- and while the previous one tracked men for just 90 days, this study of more than 24,000 older men followed them for an average of more than four years.

And in that time, there was no difference at all in the rate of heart attack for most men.

Note that I said "most" men.

There were differences in one subgroup. In men facing a higher risk of heart problems, testosterone actually reduced the risk of a heart attack by 30 percent.

Yes, you read that right. Testosterone reduced the risk of a heart attack.

It's not just safe for your heart. It's essential -- and it just might save your life.

So listen to the science, not the hype. More importantly, listen to your own body, because it will tell you loud and clear when your testosterone levels start to fall.

If you're experiencing the middle-age blahs -- low energy, weight gain, a fog in your head and problems in the bedroom -- then your tank is probably running low, and the best way to top it off is with safe, effective and essential testosterone replacement therapy.

Work closely with a holistic medical doctor who can check your levels and monitor your progress.

And if you're in Southern California, this is one of my specialties. I don't like to brag, but you simply will not find anyone with more experience in natural hormone replacement therapies for men and woman alike than me.

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