An easy way to cut your triglycerides

Most of what you hear from the mainstream about cholesterol is wrong or at least badly distorted. LDL isn't a "bad" cholesterol, and lower isn't always better.

But there's one message they've got right when it comes to the fats in your blood, and that's the fact that triglycerides really are dangerous -- and if yours are starting to rise, you need to take action now to bring them back down.

Drugs won't help you here, but natural solutions can do the job -- and new research uncovers one more weapon that can help anyone get quick results.

It's an algae called chlorella, and 5 grams a day can slash your triglycerides by more than 10 percent in a single month, according to the new double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study published in Nutrition Journal.

I can't tell you how significant that is. If Big Pharma developed a drug that worked that quickly and that effectively, it would be approved tomorrow and cost an arm and a leg (and it would almost certainly come with side effects).

Chlorella on the other hand is safe, inexpensive and widely available -- and that's not all it can do.

The same study finds it can also help reduce levels of VLDL cholesterol and apolipoprotein B without reducing your levels of HDL cholesterol.

Even better, chlorella can also boost your blood levels of two essential carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin, by nearly 90 percent and raise your levels of alpha-carotene by 164 percent.

These are essential antioxidants that can help protect your vision and improve your immune system.

And that's still not all it's good for. I've recommended chlorella to my own patients for natural detoxification as well as improved energy.

You'll find chlorella at most natural health food stores either on its own or as part of a whole food supplement. Quality varies, so be sure to choose one from a maker you trust.