New RevitalizeQ Plus FormulaWhen Dr. Stengler first created the RevitalizeQ Plus formula, he had an anti-aging winner on his hands. And for years, that original formula was enough. But time passed, and new information about holding back the hands of time came available.

Since Dr. Stengler has never been one to rest on his laurels, he refused to let his patients, or his products, get stuck in the past. He wants you to have the most up-to-date, cutting-edge tools available to you in your quest for health – which is why he developed a new, improved  RevitalizeQ Plus formula.

His First Step? Upping the CoQ10

The RevitalizeQ Plus new formula keeps Coenzyme Q 10 at its core because there is still no other supplement that does as much for your overall health, energy, and youthfulness than CoQ10. It’s such an important nutrient that your body will literally die without it. No exaggeration, and no exception. CoQ10 is required for your cells to make an essential form of energy called ATP. Have enough ATP in your body and you feel great. Have too little, though, and everything loses steam – starting with your muscles, including your heart – so you feel exhausted.

Studies have shown CoQ10 helps energize your heart, keeping it pumping strong. It may also help support healthy blood pressure. There was no way Dr. Stengler was getting rid of CoQ10. Instead, the Revitalize Plus new formula has even more CoQ10 than before, to ensure you are getting what your body so desperately needs.

What Makes the New RevitalizeQ Plus Formula Better? These 2 “CoQ10 Supporters”

But that’s not all the RevitalizeQ Plus new formula offers. We now understand that, as vital as CoQ10 is, like any quarterback, it needs the right team around it. That’s why Dr. Stengler included Vitamin B6 and Bioperine.

Not just any form of Vitamin B6, though – a coenzyme known as PLP. The body cannot make CoQ10 without PLP. Period. This special form of Vitamin B6, this coenzyme PLP, is required for the body to make one of the single most important nutrients your body can have.

And Dr. Stengler didn't stop there.

He included Bioperine, a specialized black pepper extract. As you age, not only does your body make less CoQ10 on its own, but it has a harder time absorbing what it does make. Early indications are that Bioperine actually helps the body absorb CoQ10 easier.

In a manufacturer’s study, the people taking Bioperine had 32% more CoQ10 in their systems than the people without it. Not only does the RevitalizeQ Plus stay current with other anti-aging supplements, thanks to Vitamin B and Bioperine, it leaves others in the dust.

Sticking With What Works to Give You the Best Results

But Dr. Stengler didn't change just for the sake of change. The RevitalizeQ Plus new formula still has many of the same ingredients you've always trusted.

You still get revesterol, to help ward off age-related conditions, maintain a healthy heart, and amp up physical performance. The grape seed extract also help promote healthy blood vessels, vascular function and circulation is definitely still there.

And he’d never get rid of the unbeatable antioxidant power of the proprietary blend that includes acai, pomegranate, alpha lipoic acid, and turmeric for maximum defense against free radicals.

When you've relied on something for a long time, trusted it because it works, it’s easy to be skeptical when the product changes. Will it work as well? Will it give you the same results you've come to love and depend on? We are thrilled to answer all those questions with a resounding NO.

The RevitalizeQ Plus new formula will work even better. And that’s why Dr. Stengler and the BestHealth Nutritionals team updated this formula—to help you get faster, better results.

Yet you won’t pay a cent more for this brand new formula than you ever did before. So whether you’re currently taking RevitalizeQ Plus, are thinking of finally trying a bottle for yourself, or are looking for the perfect heart health supplement, just click here to reserve your bottles today.

We’re so certain you’ll love the RevitalizeQ Plus new formula that we've backed it with Dr. Stengler's Anytime Guarantee. If you aren't completely energized, feeling younger than you have in years, and looking better, too, then return your order – every bottle in it – and we’ll refund your entire purchase price.

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