Real solutions for depression

I'm going to come right out and say it: The death of Robin Williams is being exploited.

The mainstream is using this tragedy as an excuse to urge people facing depression to "seek treatment."

What could I possibly have against treatment for the depressed? Nothing... if we're talking about real treatment.

But for the mainstream, "seek treatment" is not-so-subtle code for drugs -- the drugs close to 30 million Americans are taking right now that come with risks up to and including suicide.

Yes, the very act that ended Robin Williams' life can be caused by depression "treatment."

So today I'd like to focus on real treatment -- real solutions you won't hear from the mainstream and that work with little to no risk.

Let's start with curcumin, because I've got a cutting-edge new study that everyone facing depression (and every doctor who treats it) needs to see.

It's a gold-standard, double-blind study that finds 500 mg of curcumin given twice a day can beat a placebo for patients with major depression, improving symptoms and even easing the anxiety that often accompanies the condition.

Even better, the curcumin supplements proved to be especially effective at easing atypical depression, a form of major depression in which drugs are often completely useless.

Atypical depression is often marked by higher levels of inflammation in the brain -- and not coincidentally, curcumin is a potent anti-inflammatory that we know can cross the blood-brain barrier.

Now, it's one thing to beat a placebo. It's the standard used to get drugs approved, after all. And if curcumin were a synthetic substance that drug companies could patent and charge a fortune for, it would be speeding through the approvals process right now.

But this gets even better, because curcumin can do more than beat a placebo.

It can beat drugs. In another study from the same researchers, curcumin proved to be as effective as Prozac, but without the risks.

Ready for the best part of all? Antidepressant drugs can often take months before they start to kick in, but the mood-boosting benefits of curcumin can take effect in as little as four weeks, according to the new study.

And if you really want results, don't stop with curcumin. Instead, combine it with other proven natural therapies.

Exercise, for example, can help fight depression in two ways. First, it gets you out and active -- and when you're out and active, you can help redirect your mind away from what troubles you.

And second, exercise also causes changes inside your body. The so-called "runner's high" that you can feel after any workout session (not just running) is caused by a natural release of mood-boosting endorphins.

Other proven natural remedies include brain-friendly nutrients such as B vitamins and fish oil as well as 5-htp, which your body converts to serotonin.

Finally, don't forget the healing power of prayer. When you're suffering from depression due to one of life's challenges, sometimes getting down on your knees can help get you back on your feet.