Biblical diet can reverse metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is like the express lane for disease: a collection of risk factors so great -- and so common -- that millions of Americans are speeding toward a life of diabetes, heart disease and stroke RIGHT NOW.

But here's your chance to get off at the next exit, and all you have to do is slow down and enjoy a back-to-basics diet filled with many of the foods you already love.

It's the Mediterranean diet, or the closest thing you'll find in modern life to a biblical diet based on what we were DESIGNED to eat, not what the food industry and its guideline-writing government cronies are trying to shove down your throat.

And if you hop off the low-fat, calorie-counting bandwagon and make the switch today, you can COMPLETELY reverse metabolic syndrome and never have to worry about spending the rest of your life fighting off chronic disease.

One new study compared two versions of this biblical diet -- one with more olive oil, one with more nuts -- to the low-fat diet those D.C. bureaucrats have been pushing your way.

The volunteers weren't counting calories or trying to lose weight, so most of them held steady.

But while their waistlines were the same, the results couldn't be more different -- because five years later, the Mediterranean diet cut the number of people with metabolic syndrome in half.

While 64 percent had the condition at the start of the study, just 28.2 percent did by the end of it.

Yes, that means this biblical diet can reverse the condition completely more than half the time (and almost 100 percent of the time if you follow it closely).

The low-fat diet didn't have anywhere near that success rate.

The Mediterranean diet also cut belly fat and slashed blood sugar levels.

What I especially like about this diet is not just the fact that it's full of real, fresh foods. It's that it's so varied that you'll never get bored, and so fulfilling that you'll never have to put up with the hunger pangs that are so common in people on the low-fat diet.

You can load up on healthy fats including chicken and fish as well as fresh produce, nuts and more, and even enjoy some chocolate and wine in moderation.

And along with reversing metabolic syndrome, the Mediterranean lifestyle can cut your risk of major cardiovascular events by nearly a third, and the risk of stroke almost in half.

You can discover more about that in this free report from my online archives.