Natural cure flips your body's cancer-killing switch

Gentlemen, there's nothing scarier than a doc who calls you into his office, looks you in the eye and says the words you've been fearing:

"You have prostate cancer."

What follows next is the stuff of nightmares. You'll get poked and prodded so often you'll start to feel like a human pincushion. You'll get more tests than a college kid at the end of a term, and more advice than a "Dear Abby" reader.

If you're smart and get a second and third opinion, you'll receive wildly conflicting recommendations. One doc will tell you to get surgery. Another will urge radiation.

And ALL of them will hand you armfuls of drugs.

But the most important advice of all is the one they won't give you -- and that's to just leave the darned thing alone, because prostate tumors are often harmless.

Now, the latest research has uncovered the key to making sure that a harmless tumor never grows up to be a killer, and the secret lies in something you should be getting anyway.

It's vitamin D.

Men with high levels of the sunshine vitamin have a lower risk of prostate cancer, especially the dangerous aggressive tumors that really can hurt or even kill you.

And the new study reveals how and why.

As it turns out, you've already been designed with a built-in cancer-fighting machine. It's a gene called GDF-15 that fights off a protein that promotes inflammation so tumors can grow.

But that gene needs a little fuel to really start cooking. And according to the new study in the journal Prostate, nothing can light that fire quite like vitamin D.

Once GDF-15 gets some D, it gets to work blocking that protein -- and that, in turn, helps ensure you never have to worry about that tumor hurting you.

And while the study focused on prostate cancer tissue, that very same process could fight off colon cancer, gastric cancer and more.

The cheapest way to get vitamin D is to go right to the source -- head outside and get a little time under the sun. But that's unfortunately also a recipe for sunburn, and too much sun can lead to the non-deadly (but potentially disfiguring) form of skin cancer.

That's why I recommend a vitamin D3 supplement, and not just for men looking to fight or prevent prostate cancer. Men, women and even children can all enjoy the brain-boosting, bone-building and cancer-fighting benefits.

Take a minimum of 2,000 IU per day, but some people will need double that amount or more. A holistic doctor can help figure out how much you need, and the best way to get it.