Ladies looking for a bedroom boost may need 'manly' hormones

Many women report that their sexual drive and desire takes a real nosedive after menopause -- and one of the best solutions for fixing those bedroom blues fast never fails to surprise them: testosterone.

Yes, that's the one we tend to think of as the "manly" hormone. But while women need less testosterone, to be on top of their game they need to have a bit of it on board too.

In women, the right amount of testosterone helps keep the fires of passion burning bright. Once menopause hits, however, the ovaries slow down and testosterone production -- never very high in the first place -- tails off.

But as the latest research reveals, having the right amount of this hormone hanging around can make all the difference in a woman's love life. Women with higher levels of testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate report stronger and more frequent sexual desire than women with lower levels.

Desire is a critical part of a healthy sex life, especially in older women who often suffer from a lagging libido after menopause.

And that's not the only way testosterone can support your love life. It can also help with some of the other symptoms that get in the way of sex in your senior years -- including vaginal dryness and the thinning of vaginal tissue that can make sex painful.

Testosterone can also help with bone less, improve your memory and even protect your heart.

But because you need much less of it then men, it's essential to work with a doctor who can deliver just the right amount and monitor your progress to ensure you don't get too much.

In addition, you want a doctor who uses the safest and most effective form: bioidentical testosterone. I recommend working closely with a holistic medical doctor experienced in using these natural hormone replacement therapies.

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